Revealing The Details On Cllr./Dr. Arthur T. Johnson Book On War & Economic Crimes Court (Part I)


MONROVIA – The book was written by Dr. Arthur T. Johnson; Tittle, “Examining the Consequences of Government of Liberia’s Failure to Establish Economic and War Crimes Court to Prosecute war Criminals details the very genesis of the Liberian civil crisis.

As I flipped through the pages, I recorded how Dr/Cllr. Johnson gives a comprehensive narrative dated back to the 1980s when a military coup was launched headed by a Liberian soldier, Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe who later became President, and ruled Liberia for a decade and failed to address the factors responsible for the political change in Liberia.

According to his book which is yet to be officially launched, “The emergence of the Military regime in Liberia was the beginning of the introduction of the use of arms in Liberian body politics with far-reaching consequences”. The book details several warring factions that participated in the 14yrs civil conflict which witnessed the death of over 400,000 lives and the destruction of almost all of the infrastructures in Liberia.  Cllr Johnson Book on War and Economic Crimes recorded the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation that was aimed to investigate the causes and antecedent of the 14ys civil conflict in Liberia and make recommendations that include prosecution for serious crimes.

The book recognized that since the recommendation of the TRC, there have been two successive governments but the body politics of Liberia are yet to set up the court for Economic and War Crimes.

Inside the book, Cllr Johnson asked a salient question, “The question is if Liberia fails to prosecute war criminals, what may likely happen?

Interesting Topics in the book are, “ Impediments to the Establishment of the Economic and War Crime court which is found on page 38, who should be prosecuted in the War Crime Court and Why?, International Criminal Court (ICC) Jurisdiction, Political Will, Is Liberia ready for the establishment of Economic and War Crimes Court? among others.

In detailing the Impediments, Cllr. Johnson defines Impediment as “Anything that makes it impossible for an objective to be achieved.  Reading further on page 39, Cllr. Johnson noted in his book that, “In the quest for establishing the economic and war crime court in Liberia, the following are considered obstacles to that effort”.

 NOTE: Those obstacles are listed in his book and will not be mentioned here for discussion until the book is finally launched.     Watch Out For Part II of this Article in Next Monday Edition