Preventing World War Three (WWIII)


With news about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the resistance of Ukraine to the invasion, the sending of weapons by NATO to Ukraine, the preparation of NATO to send troops in support of Ukraine, the sending of weapons by the United States of America (USA) to Taiwan and the warning by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the USA about the sending of weapons to Taiwan, the winds of war are blowing, like WW III is just round the corner. WW III must be prevented because the people say locally and globally that they prefer Peace to War. The people’s preference is rooted in their experience with local and global wars, in which millions of people have died. The people’s preference is rooted in the Spirit of Democracy, where the Will of the People Prevails. 

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

The USA used soft measures to break up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), by using the citizens of the USSR who were greed-driven. These greed-driven citizens were supportive of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, resulting in the uniting of East Germany with West Germany to form Germany. Ukraine is one of several parts of the USSR that were broken up. Now, Russia, the most powerful part of the USSR wants to take back the broken parts of the USSR, resulting in the invasion of Ukraine. This invasion means that Russia is using hard measures, combining with former parts of the USSR, to bring back of the broken parts of the USSR. The national security of Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin, is being used as the pretext for the invasion, given the position of NATO.

The PRC, vexed about the effective recognition of Taiwan, considered by the PRC to be a part of the PRC, is against the position of the USA in terms of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This means that the PRC must not be relied upon to perform the mediatory role in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis. The effective role of the PRC is seen in the United Nations (UN) Security Council, where the PRC and Russia use their respective veto powers to vote against the position of the USA in particuar and the position of NATO in general.

The USA continues to give Russia the reason for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, as seen in the USD40 billion donation by the USA to Ukraine, not forgetting the anti-aircraft missiles that the USA is giving to Ukraine. The usual mediatory Nordic countries  have abandoned their mediatory role and applied for membership into NATO on May 18, 2022, with the strong support of the USA. led by President Joseph Biden.

As preventuion is better than cure, peace loving people locally and globally have to converge by combining their efforts to prevent the Russia-Ukraine Crisis from turning into WWIII. To help in the prevention of WWIII, Russia, Ukraine, NATO and the PRC need to be convinced that all wars end up at the negotiations table and this is why it makes sense for the warring parties to go to the negotiations table NOW. Some evolving factors could work in the direction of preventing WWIII. These factors include the divisiveness in NATO, as seen in the visits of the USA government officials to Ukraine and the French President to Russia. Then there is the current impact of the petroleum short flows on already high petrol prices. Furthermore, there are the protests in Russia against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These evolving factors make it cost ineffective for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to continue much longer.Therefore, these evolving factors provide an opportunity for preventive measures to be taken and not leave the ending of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis to chance.

The driving force in this opportunity is the willingness of the people locally and globally to work together for Peace because the people prefer Peace to War. This is an opportunity for good leadership to emerge to lead the way in raising awareness among the people in ways that motivate them to work together to stop the Russia-Ukraine War and prevent it from reoccurring, meaning the prevention of WWIII.