A Young Liberian Scholar Welcomes President Weah’s call on doctors


MONROVIA – Dr. Charles Gbollie has welcomed President George Weah’s call for highly educated Liberians, especially doctors to contribute more meaningfully to Liberia’s rebuilding process.

President Weah, making remarks Saturday, September 26, 2020 at programs marking the observance of World Tourism Day on the historic Providence Island, cautioned doctors to write books to educate Liberian children and tell the Liberian story.

In a release, Dr. Gbollie indicated that the call by the Liberian chief executive is welcoming, noting Liberia is in dire need of culturally relevant materials to stimulate learning, particularly among students.   

Dr. Charles Gbollie is a well-acclaimed Liberian researcher with over six scientific research publications in international journals and an author of three motivational and mind-expanding books: The Youthful Champion; The Champion’s Thought; and a newly published book: The Golden Sides of Tough Times, in support of the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Gbollie, in one of his research articles: Aligning Expansion and Quality in Higher Education: An Imperative to Liberia’s Economic Growth and Development, identified contributing to knowledge attrition as one of the problems confronting Liberia’s education system.

According to him, contribution to the knowledge economy through relevant literature is very vital, stating that learning is more enjoyable and meaningful when the learners find themselves in the materials being taught. 

The young Liberian educational psychologist notes that the availability of more culturally relevant books by Liberian authors would stimulate the culture of reading, thus fostering quality education in the country.

The young Liberian educator and author, however, called on the Liberian leader to ensure an enabling environment is created by his Government to utilize Liberia’s best brains to solve the country’s multiple challenges.

 Dr. Gbollie believes that no country can prosper beyond the use of its best minds void of political and other differences.

He also stressed the need for annual Academic Excellence Awards to scout for high achievers and the nation’s best brains, including Liberian authors and motivate them to do exploit for the nation’s transformation agenda.

Charles earned his PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology in June 2019.