Liberia: Gangama Town Unveils Land for Construction of Its First School Ever


MONROVIA – The Town of Gangama Bomi County scene was emotion, drama, and joy when residents of the town danced and sang traditional songs as they revealed a parcel of land for the first school building to be constructed in the town.

By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr(231886458910)[email protected]

Gangama Town is a 15-minutes drive away from Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. Since the establishment of the Town, there has been no school building. The only school in the town, Gangama Public school, is being operated and run in a palava hut in the middle of the town.

The elders, youths, students, and women of the town danced and sang over the weekend as they turned over a parcel of land to one of the sons of the town, Boakai Manoba to construct the first school for students in the town.

Boakai Monoba lives in the United States and his mother hailed from the town. Boakai who runs his family’s foundation, the Family Movement Foundation, was disappointed when he visited his mother’s village and saw the children’s learning environment was not conducive.

He immediately contacted his foundation technical team to gather the details sounding the school.

Mr. Manobah first started with the tuition payment of all of the students in the school and engaged the town elders to make land available to erect the first school building in the town.

At a well-attended appreciation and welcoming program held in the town for Mr. Manobah, elders gowned him (Manobah) for his great efforts and the transformation he’s bringing in the educational sector of the town.

J. Momo Sando, Town Chief of Gangama In Bomi County praised Manobah for his job well done for his people.

“We are over plus happy for our own son to look back and start to help us,” he said.

Town Chief Sando disclosed that his leadership and past ones for years begged the government and politicians to build a school in the town but to no avail.

The Dean of Elders in the town, Varney Gbellay promised to make available the manpower during the construction of the school project.

“The young people and men, including our women, will all form part of this project, this is what we have been waiting for for years and finally we got it, thanks to our son,” he said happily.

For his part, Mr. Boakai Manobah said it has been his dream to always look back on where he came from and promised that he will continue to help underprivileged Liberians through his Family Movement Foundation.

He was quick to clear the air that he has no political intent but is doing it straightly on a humanitarian basis.

“I am not a politician and I am not intending to be one and I will not be one at any time, this is humanitarian work I was moved to help my mother town and will I do to other Liberians in need through my foundation, my foundation a family foundation founded to help the needy,”

Manobah said he will very soon start the project as he returns to the states.