Liberia: Government Commences Payments to Civil Servants for July to August

Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah

Monrovia – The government of Liberia has commenced the payment of salaries. According to our sources, the payment will cover the unpaid salaries for July. By the end of August, the payment of salaries will be fully regularized. 

Recently, the government temporarily halted the payment of salaries due to the harmonization process to ensure equity in the pay scale and job classifications of government employees. The temporary suspension also allows the government to automate the payroll process across the government in a move to purge ghost names from the GOL payroll. Under the automation process, each employee will be required to provide their National Identity Registration (NIR) number prior to accessing their salaries from the banks. 

According to our sources, the government has expressed its commitment to the regular and timely payment of salaries as a way of stimulating the economy so that its citizens and employees can address their basic economic and social needs. 

Under the advisement of the International Monetary Fund, the government embarked on a wide range of macroeconomic reforms affecting both monetary and fiscal policies. The harmonization of the wage bill was one of the reform measures introduced by the George Weah-led administration. With one salary, one civil servant, the issue of discretionary allowances has been trashed into the dustbin of history.

Additionally, the Government harmonization process led to pay increases for members of the Health Sector and the security services who had been grossly underpaid. Those getting increases include the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Liberian National Police, Correction Officers and the Immigration Service.