Despite the holding of the recent Africa-USA Summit in the USA,  the powers that be locally and globally continue to operate the same old and inappropriate poverty generation system rather than the new and appropriate poverty alleviation system. Africa continues to account for twenty-five pe cent of the world’s land mass but has nearly ninety percent of the poor people of the world. African States continue to consider the mineral resource as more important than the human resource, but longstanding and widespread poverty continues to prevail in Africa (World Development Indicators Database).

By Togba- Nah Tipoteh, [email protected], Contributing Writer

The situation in Liberia is typical of the reality in Africa. Longstanding and widespread poverty remains the main problem in Liberia, as National Legislators have access to at least  LD150,000 a day and their foreign partners, in the commercial sector, alone, have access to at least LD300,000,000 a day while nearly of the people of Liberia have access to at most less than LD300 a day (Annual Reports of CBL, MFDP, MCI, WB. IMF, ADB and UNDP). The per capita income of Liberia stands at USD600 (LD90,000), five per cent of the world’s average per capita income (WB Annual Report, 2022).

As the poverty problem continues, the powers that be continue to consider the natural resource to be more important than the human resource. This consideration explains the continuation of the corruption problem, under which the greed-driven action prevails over the love of Liberia action. The greed-driven posture is selfish and the love of Liberia posture is selfless. No wonder, the powers that be contend that Liberia is headed in the Right Direction while the people of Liberia conclude that Liberia is headed in the Wrong Direction (Afrobarometer, 2020). The actions of the powers that be violate the Constitution of Liberia, as seen in Chapter 1 of the Constitution, that calls for the elected persons to be servants of the people rather than masters of the people.

Although the powers that be consider the natural resource to be more important than the human resource, they continue to promote poverty generation while Liberia has some of the world’s richest natural resources, like farm land, forests, gold, iron ore, diamond and rubber. Liberia continues to have some of the best human and natural resources in the world but State management continues to promote dependency on its foreign partners rather than independency on Liberia’s own resources. For example, Liberia has 200 of the best forest species in West Africa, where our forests can be problem solving. However, instead of State management promoting reforestation so that the industrialized countries can pay Liberia for the life saving oxygen in our forests, while taking in the life taking carbon dioxide from the gas emissions, State management is promoting deforestation. In this system of the production of raw materials for export without any prioritization of Value Addition, there is poverty generation instead of poverty alleviation.

The Conference of Parties (COP) of nearly two hundred countries is meeting regularly under the auspices of the United Nations to attend to the vexing problem of Climate Change in the midst of the prevailing greed-driven posture locally and globally. The most recent Conference on Climate Change, COP27 was held at Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt, with a commitment to meet the Landmark COP21 Decision in Paris, France, 2015 to reduce gas emissions to -1.5 degrees centigrade by 2030. The prevailing greed-driven posture of State management remains the main obstacle to the realization of the Decision of the Paris Conference.

The Decision of the Paris Conference can be realized only when the UNFAIR electoral system can be transformed into the FAIR electoral system in order for persons with good records to be elected to provide leadership in taking the actions that can lead to such realization. The only way that such transformation can take place is when people who love their countries continue working together to raise awareness to motivate people to take actions through the Rule of Law to establish Justice, the indispensable ingredient for Peace and Progress in any country.  The people who love their countries are beginning this New Year just like they ended the old year by indicating problems and presenting solutions to the problems through the Rule of Law.    

                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR!