Liberia: Sylvester Lama, Husband of the Late Gifty Lama and others Held Memorial Service for Liberians Who Died Mysteriously


Monrovia – Sylvester Lama, the husband of the late Gifty Lama, who was found along with Mr. Albert Peters dead in a vehicle on Broad Street on October 1, 2020, says the death of his wife has left a huge vacuum that can never be filled so easily.

“Until now we are not ourselves. Each time I see my kids, it reminds me about my wife. Each time I enter my house, it reminds me about my wife because I buried my wife in Brewerville, right near my house. Every day I see my wife’s grave, it remains me about her loss. My wife was everything to me and the entire family,” Lama said.

In October of last year, Liberia witnessed the deaths of several auditors in a single week. Six months after, Lama and scores of other decease’s relatives including a civil society organization came under the banner “Citizens United Against Secret Killings” trooped their way to the Snapper Hill, Broad Street to hold a memorial service for their fallen relatives.

It was a scene of sorrow as many wearing black clothes expressed frustrations that the government cannot give an answer to the deaths of their relatives who have died mysteriously.

“This is not going down well with me. Our government is unable to tell us about the mysterious deaths of our relatives. We are here having a memorial service for our relatives. Who knows whether tomorrow is going to be us? We need an answer to these secret killings,” Nancy Doe, one of the mourners told FrontPageAfrica at the event.

“State Sponsor Murder”

Also, at the event, Lama told FrontPageAfrica that the government has a hand in the death of his late wife, Gifty Lama.

“We have been denied justice from the initial stage of the investigation. We knew that the investigation had been compromised. We could not get justice and I continue to say that my wife’s death was a state sponsor murder,” Lama alleges.

Presenting the report at the time, Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean said the pair died as a result of inhaling Carbon Monoxide from gasoline/hydrocarbon fumes and fumes from a defective exhaust system on the floor of the car.

But the husband of the late Gifty Lama says there were lots of contradictions in such an autopsy report given by the Justice Minister.

“So, with all of those contradictions in the autopsy report means that the state is aware of my wife’s death. The entire report is a kangaroo report, it is trash. I’m telling you that it was a state sponsored murder,” he alleged.

Despite he could not accept the government’s autopsy report; he explained that the cost of bringing an independent pathology is going to cost $25,000 something he says his family is unable to provide.

Also, at the memorial service, the Executive Director of the Justice Forum Liberia Maxson S. Kpakio told FPA that he cannot comprehend the continued wave of mysterious killings in the country and nothing is done about it.

“Why it is nobody wants to say anything, why everybody is keeping silent? Even the very people that supposed to talk about it are not talking about it,” Kpakio said to FPA.

He added: “We have been questioning the justice system for many years now and nothing has changed. If there were a true justice system in Liberia, all of those family members were going to get justice. And so we continue to question the justice system in Liberia. They need to work more.”

Closing up, the Executive Director of the Justice Forum Liberia however calls on the international community to help and revamp the justice system of Liberia to wipe the tears of the many victims.