Rev. Cannon. Michael Tuan Sie Leads Opinion Polls As The Episcopal Church Of Liberia Seeks To Elect A Bishop Coadjutor

L-R : Dr. Herman Browne, Rev. Canon. Michael Tuan Sie, and Dean James B. Sellee

MONROVIA – Episcopalians around Liberia will on Saturday, February 19, 2022, converge at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church for a Special Diocesan Convention called for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor who will become Bishop Diocesan for the Diocese of Liberia upon the retirement of The Rt. Rev. Jonathan B. B. Hart in February 2023.

The Episcopal Diocese of Liberia is a diocese in the Anglican Communion founded by missionaries from the Episcopal Church. 3

The Episcopal Diocese of Liberia comprises of more than 25, 000 baptized members in its 125 congregations. While many of the baptized members are in the urban centers, there are vibrant Episcopal congregations served by clergy located in rural communities. The congregations of the Diocese vary in size and are diverse in character. Just as Liberia has both urban and rural cities and towns, so the churches of the Diocese often reflect their geographical location.

A poll conducted by a Team of young Episcopalians across the country who see the leadership of the Church as crucial to the current generation of Young Episcopalians have highlighted three leading candidates that stand a chance at being elected as the Bishop Coadjutor at Saturday’s Convention. Christopher and his team who choose to remain anonymous, have disclosed that he and his team mapped out a total of 150 respondents, communicating via Telephone and via strategic visitations to various Churches were able to gather significant information on choices of some Churches across the country and why they specifically highlighted these potential candidates. Individuals that were spoken to comprised wardens, some priest, and even other influential figures in the episcopal church who refused for Christopher and his team to reveal their names. Those leading the polls after several interactions are:

  1. Rev. Cannon. Michael Tuan Sie – 55.3%
  2. Rev. Cannon James B. Sellee – 32.6%
  3. Rev. Dr. Herman D. Browne – 8.33%

According to Christopher and his team, 83 respondents favoured Rev. Sie for his vigor, and the sort of enthusiasm and changes that could be anticipated should he be elected. The report added that he’s very young, energetic, his records speak for himself. The Rev Sieh was greatly attributed as being Mature, Innovative, Influential, and Charismatic. Rev. Sie is said to be very popular with urban churches and this places him ahead of his fellow presumptive candidates.

Rev. Cannon Sellee had 49 respondents favoring his elections and saw him to be a good fit for the role. Key attributes of Rev. Sellee highlighted were suitability, age, and resoluteness. Rev. Sellee is very popular with the Churches in Lofa, and we are certain that a lot of the rural Churches will favor him ahead of other contenders.

Dr. Herman Browne had 18 respondents supporting his bid. The Polls also indicated that Dr. Browne is the most popular of the candidates because his father once served as Bishop of the Episcopal Church and as such see him as a good successor. His Ambition according to Christopher and his team is very radical as per reports from the polls conducted and genuine change could come to the Episcopal Church should he be elected. Only about 5 persons during the polls suggested they will support Dr. Brown, especially from Southeastern Liberia, but he doesn’t seem very popular with urban churches. Key Attributes associated with Dr, Browne were Innovative, young, influence.

It is expected that the Bishop’s Nominating Committee of the Episcopal Church of Liberia will nominate three candidates from the number of candidates that have applied and our sources close to the Bishop Nomination Committee that choose to remain anonymous stated that the three leading candidate to be name are Rev. Cannon Michael Tuan Sie, Rev. Dr. Herman Browne, and Rev. James B. Sellee.

This is a developing story as we follow the Elections of the Episcopal Church of Liberia for a Bishop Coadjutor. Follow us for more updates.