‘False Sense Of Entitlement’: ANC Reacts To Unity Party Collaborating Political Parties Withdrawal


MONROVIA – The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Alexander Cummings has described as a failure of leadership Amb. Joseph Boakai’s decision to withdraw the Unity Party from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) merger.

The Unity Party standard bearer Wednesday announced the withdrawal of the former ruling party from the three-party collaboration,  blaming the inability to mend broken relationships in the CPP on the political leader of ANC, Cummings, whom despite being accused of altering the CPP Framework Document, has reportedly failed to attend meetings to resolve the issue.

“You would recall that I personally attended all previous leadership turnovers, events, and meetings of the CPP in a show of support for every leadership and the desire to work together. I even campaigned with all collaboration Party leaders. You would also recall that during the turnover to me, all but the ANC leader and members attended, even though I had called Mr. Cummings personally the day before, and he responded by saying he was already in the United States to attend a meeting,” Boakai said in his defense to withdrawing Unity Party from the CPP.

However, the ANC believes Amb. Boakai’s decision is not only a promise broken he made to unite and reconcile the CPP when he assumed the rotational Chair, but also it is a failure of leadership. 

The ANC said the withdrawal announcement also breaks the Unity Party’s promise made to the people of Liberia that the CPP will remain the vehicle through which the bad leadership of Pres. George Weah will be replaced, and their hopes and aspiration for a better Liberia will be realized.

“While we welcome their right (Unity Party) to withdraw, we vehemently denounce the many lies contained in the Statement of Withdrawal told against the ANC. We will address these lies subsequently but suffice to say these falsehoods are intended to coverup the obvious weaknesses in the leadership of Amb. Boakai, which is highlighted by his inability to fulfill promises made to the Liberian people,” the ANC said in a statement.

Continuing, the party added: “The truth is that the former vice president is withdrawing his Unity Party from the CPP only because his false sense of entitlement to the position of standard bearer of the CPP, was being successfully challenged by the ANC standard bearer, Cummings.”

“The CPP was not formed to ordain any individual as its Standard Bearer. This is why a binding primary process was agreed upon for the selection of its presidential candidate, where no consensus is met.”

The ANC claimed that Amb. Boakai’s decision to withdraw Unity Party from the CPP is a confirmation that “he is running away from a democratic CPP Primary defeat to Mr. Cummings”.

“We feel compelled to ask: If former Vice President Joseph Boakai cannot successfully chair the CPP and keep it united and reconciled, as he promised he would, can he lead Liberia to unity and reconciliation? If the former VP cannot withstand democratic challenges in the CPP, can he withstand democratic challenges in Liberia?”

“Under the chairmanship of the ANC political leader, the CPP was faced with the issue of the Nimba Primary which threatened its existence. Mr. Cummings made the decision to save the CPP over his personal and party preference and interest. Similar decision was made with the 2019 Cape Mount by-elections when the other parties reneged on the agreement for ANC to field a candidate.

Over the course of the CPP formation, the ANC and Mr. Cummings have been targeted, insulted, maligned and even recently, have been conspiratorially implicated in a bogus Framework lawsuit. Yet, the ANC continues to remain committed to the CPP because the CPP is about the aspirations of the Liberian people and our promises to them. We promised not to make the CPP about,” the ANC said.

The ANC said Amb. Boakai and Unity Party cannot say the same, nor represent to Liberians that they have “conducted themselves in a way and manner in the CPP to fulfill their promise to the Liberian people over their false sense of entitlements and seemingly undemocratic quest for power.”

The ANC, meanwhile, added it is not not surprised that “sensing defeat, the former vice president would run away to form a new coalition”, which will not democratically challenge his false sense of entitlement to the presidency.

The ANC added: “Regrettably, our country continues to suffer from the failures of its political leaders to keep promises they make to the Liberian people. For the ANC, this is unacceptable. Too many of our political leaders lack the courage to make hard decisions, while too many make promises they have no intention to keep. Breaking promises, as we are witnessing, testify to weak, indecisive, dishonest and untrustworthy leadership.”