Catholic Relief Services Celebrates 32 Years of Service in Liberia

CRS’ 32nd anniversary celebration took place at Royal Grand Hotel and was attended by more than 80 partners in development from the Church and the Government of Liberia

Monrovia – Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has commemorated its 32 years of work in Liberia with a retrospective event.

This event took place at Royal Grand Hotel and was attended by more than 80 partners in development from the Church, the Government of Liberia, the donor community, religious organizations, local organizations, international development organizations, and staff of CRS. The organization used the opportunity to showcase its dedication and successes as well as its support for the people of Liberia.

“We use this opportunity to say thank you to the people of Liberia for allowing us to continue to work here. There is also gratitude to all staff of CRS, past, and present, for your dedication to bringing relief to many across this nation”, said Abena Amedormey, CRS Country Manager for Liberia.

“That is why we chose to use this opportunity to celebrate the significant footprint of CRS in Liberia, not only in contributing to the improvement of lives in communities, but also in building resilience, social cohesion, and livelihoods. This holistic approach is crucial to minimizing the prevalence and impact of social challenges while working with others to protect the God-given dignity of life to every Liberian, Madam Amedormey added.”

The United State Ambassador to Liberia, Michael A. McCarthy who was a special guest at the event said: “Catholic Values, tradition and teaching of social justice, no doubt provides the foundation of the good work CRS has done in Liberia. And we proudly partner with this faith-based organization because it does not discriminate on the basic of faith. They provide assistance based on needs and not creeds.”

“On behalf of the People of the United State of America, I want to congratulate CRS for all they have done for the people of Liberia.”

On behalf of the Government of Liberia, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf recounted the efforts of CRS and conveyed his appreciation for the work undertaken in service to the people of Liberia.

He said “During the civil war in Liberia, I saw what CRS did for the people of Liberia. They provided relief to our people in the midst of the war. While other organizations were closing, CRS stayed here to help our people.

Seventy-five years ago, CRS was established during World War II by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, as a response of the Catholic Church to the global migrant and refugee crises.

The organization has broadened its relief activities and spread across the world and currently operating in over 100 countries.

In Liberia, CRS has been present since 1990, notable being one of the few international organizations that continues to work with local communities during the civil crises. CRS has been and is committed to Liberia and will continue to ensure the sustainability of its interventions, through collaborations with the government, other INGOs, and most importantly, local organizations.