Liberia Electricity Corporation, United Workers Union Begin Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations


MONROVIA- The management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and the United Workers’ Union of Liberia (UWUL), on Tuesday, started a negotiation to review its bargaining agreement.

The United Workers Union of Liberia is a multi-sectoral labor organization to unite workers from various sectors by championing their cause against injustices in the workplace. 

The review ceremony of the collective bargaining agreement between the management of the LEC and UWUL took place on Tuesday, in Monrovia.

The three-year agreement (2021-2023) is the second collective bargaining agreement to be signed with LEC and UWUL and is expected to bring harmony between the workers of LEC and the workers’ union.

The Director for Trade Union and Social Dialogue at the Ministry of Labor, Boakai Sirleaf facilitated the opening ceremony of the CBA negotiation.

“The collective bargaining agreement is in line with Liberia’s Decent Work Act, which regulates conditions of employment, occupational health and safety, collective bargaining agreements and industrial action, and workers compensation among other labor issues,” Director Sirleaf said.

Representing the Human Resource Department of LEC, Jestina Dennis-Fofana, said the collective bargaining agreement, when signed will work in the interest of the employees of LEC in other to boost productivity and improved the working environment.

She said the collective bargaining agreement between LEC and UWUL remains a dialogue that will be negotiated with the workers union in other to meet up with LEC’s 100% salary payment obligation, and its agreement with UWUL to lifp to its promise by changing the status of more than 150 contractors to Employees.

The general secretary of UWUL, Dave Seneh, said the CBA is meant to monitor the workings of employers and employees at the workplace after every two years, adding, that the bargaining agreement is meant to negotiate in good faith the interest of the workers of Liberia.