ULAA Charters the Liberian Association of Indiana and Congratulates ACFLi New Leadership

Hon. Alvin Pennue is President of the Liberian Association of Indiana

WASHINGTON – The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, (ULAA or The Union), congratulates the officials and members of the Liberian Association of Indiana (LAI) for joining The Union. The LAI, located in the Midwest, will join other member chapters, such as the Liberia Association of Iowa, Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, United Liberian Associations in North Dakota, the Organization of Liberians in Illinois and the Liberian Association of Wisconsin in ULAA’s Northern Region. Hon. Alvin Pennue is President of the LAI. The LAI received the blessing from ULAA’s National Board of Directors, the constitutional body chaired by Hon. George Toto, has the power to charter new chapters. Chapter IX, Article 2 of the Union Constitution empowers the Board to Charter new member organizations based on the recommendation(s) from the National President.

In a telephone conversation with Hon. Pennue, he expressed happiness for the LAI to be a member chapter of The Union and called other Liberian associations to join forces with The Union together in order to advocate for a better US Liberian community and Liberia. “Happiness is the consequence of what we do and how we behave. So, when a person who is unhappy shifts his or her focus and does something different he or she helps himself or herself to become happier, and joining ULAA at this time increases my happiness” said Pennue. He continued, “ULAA is all we have as the umbrella organization, and if we stay on the fence and throw stones at it, we will be doing injustice to fellow Liberians who are making the sacrifices to keep The Union alive.”

Mr. Pennue is a young Liberian and a Leader who took away the tribal humiliation in the LAI and bridged the gap with a robust plan of action that regained the dignity and respect for ALL Liberians in the new ULAA’s Indiana Chapter. “The Liberian Association of Indiana is now standing tall financially under my administration transparency is the core, the community is at peace by 95%, the organization is effective and efficient in terms of policy execution, and my leadership ability has inspired others, most especially youths of my age to take the lead,” said Pennue.

Meanwhile, ULAA’s President H. E. Vamba S. Fofana congratulates Hon. Alvin Pennue, officials and members of the LAI for the thought to be a part of ULAA. President Fofana praised Hon. Pennue for identifying with the Union and contributions made to activities of the Union before its chartering. “Mr. Pennue’s activities with the Union began way back before its chartering, and whenever he and myself were on the telephone, we both expressed love and likeness for the Union, and he promised to make LAI a member chapter of the Union,” said President Fofana in a telephone conversation with ULAA’s National Secretariat.

In a related development, ULAA’s President congratulates Hon. Amos Mongrue, President of the Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia in California (ACFLi) for his recent induction. “We look forward to a fruitful relationship with you and your administration, as well as members of ACFLi as we all work together in the interest of Liberians in the Diaspora and the Republic of Liberia. Please accept our hearty congratulations, and we wish you God’s manifold blessings as you take up the mantle of leadership in ACFLi,” said ULAA Boss Vamba Fofana. Hon. Amos Mongrue succeeded long time allied of The Union, Mrs. Hazel Yedey in a peaceful transition. Other officers elected and were ushered into ULAA’s National Board of Directors are:

1. Bendu Hunter
2. Angela Khani

The Union is calling on all leaders of member chapters to live up to the Union’s principle of good governance, democracy, social justice and deliver to their membership great leadeship in which peace and unity will form core. ULAA, therefore, urge members of the National Leadership Council and other well-wishers can send the messages of congratulations to the leaders as indicated below:

1. Hon. Alvin Pennue – 646-402-4549
2. Hon. Amos Mongrue – 916-868-1224
3. Hon. Bendu Hunter – 916-271-4764
4. Angela Khani – 510-271-4764

Many congratulations, LAI and ACFLi for a job well done!

ABOUT The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) is the umbrella group of Liberians and their various organizations in the Americas. ULAA is a voluntary, non-governmental organization formed on July 4, 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. The mission of ULAA is to advance the just causes of Liberians and Liberia at home and abroad.