Opposition Political Party Opposes By-Elections in Liberia


Monrovia – Opposition political party, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has called for the abortion of by-elections to safe state resources amid the current challenging economy.

MOVEE, which is an ally of the ruling party, is contemplating a public policy suggestion that the party believes when implemented properly could greatly shift national development agenda and create new political dynamics.

The party disclosed that the submissions are aimed at dealing with the financial burden government incurs for what the party called “the too many by-elections”.

MOVEE is also eyeing policy that would rehabilitate drugs users identify as “Zogos”.

Speaking to the media, an official of the party, Dan Sayeh said: “Let me extend profound thanks on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) for the overall conduct of the public by the ruling Coalition Government, ranging from the hot but peaceful exchanges between government and the opposition, public opinions and assessment of government performance and the overall attitude of tolerance in these new political dispensations. This speaks highly of the irreversible growth in our democratic sojourn and we like to salute all actors particularly, the government headed by H.E Dr. George Manneh Weah.”

Sayeh says dozens of by-elections have been held as well as general and special elections. 

He explained that these elections are part of the testimonies that can be showcased as success stories for democratic consolidation in Liberia.

Sayeh noted that Liberians experiences and lessons learned in the consolidation of electoral democracy has come a long way and has placed MOVEE in some revised mood towards by-elections financing.

He stressed that by-election financing has become a burden on the scarce state resources and its handling poses threat to multiparty representation in the legislature.