Liberia: Key Followers of Boakai Including Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, Urey’s ALP Join Forces With Others to Form Democratic Alliance of Liberia


Monrovia – On Wednesday key followers of the three political figures who are currently at loggerheads with the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the Musa Bility faction of the Liberty Party were spotted at the Headquarters of the National Democratic People’s Party of Liberia, joining forces with other opposition leaders to form a new coalition dubbed “Democratic Alliance of Liberia.”

This alliance is being formed amid the ongoing legal battle over the eligibility of the Unity Party standard-bearer, Amb. Joseph Boakai, and other members of the party to contest any upcoming election until six months after the 2023 general and presidential elections.

Many believe the formation of the Alliance is a fallback strategy for the former Vice President who risks being barred from contesting the presidency on the Unity Party ticket with respect to the now-contested CPP Framework Document of which he is a signatory.

Officials spotted at the event include All Liberian Party chairman, Theodore Momo, Unity Party Vice Chairman for Legal Party Affairs Cllr. Cole Bangalu who is eying the UP Chairmanship and a strong supporter of Amb. Boakai, Lofa County Representative Francis S. Nyumalin, among others.

Apart from Unity Party, Liberty Party, and All Liberian Party officials who attended and made remarks at the event.

The crafters of the endorsed Democratic Alliance of Liberia were also spotted at the headquarters of the Unity Party on October 15, 2022, in support of Boakai’s ascendancy to the CPP Chairman position.

The breakaway CPP supporters who welcomed the endorsement of the DAL also said they will closely follow every process leading to its recognition and approval by the NEC.

They include Professor Alaric Tokpa, founding Chairman, Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe, Siapha Gborlie, and the current Political Leader of the National Democratic Party of Liberia Rev. David Cammue, who was the only person at the endorsement, who was not seen at the UP Headquarters during Boakai’s taking over as CPP Chairman.

The alliance is being announced just a day following an international satisfied forensic investigative firm cleared the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress Alexander Cummings of allegations of altering the CPP Framework Document, which case was filed by the ALP, through Theodore S. B. Momo and testify against Cummings by Boakai.

The ALP and UP have already announced their withdrawal from the CPP, while Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence’s faction of the LP is leaning on the aggrieved flank, but Bility, who is claiming Legitimacy over the LP has been taken aback in an attempt to feed a candidate in the Senatorial selections and the upcoming Presidential Election.

He has dragged the Unity Party to court for announcing a candidate which they in to feed in the pending Lofa County Senatorial by-elections on the ticket of Unity Party instead of CPP, which has to follow a primary.

Bility is seeking an explanation on the exit clause within the CPP Document, which he noted banned a constituent part that withdraws from the coalition from feeding a candidate, thereby seeking redress at the National Elections Commission, a case that has subsequently surfaced at the Supreme Court of Liberia.

While the proceeding is still a bid, the breakaway faction of the CPP is fast preparing for a fallback, by playing an undercover role in the formation of a new Coalition” Democratic Alliance of Liberia” which could pave a way for the Unity Party Standard Bearer to continue his political sojourn.

Actors of the new alliance have stated that their main aim is to get George Manneh Weah out of power, the same e ideology that was coined by the CPP.

However one of the forebearers, Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia Commander-In-Chief Emmanuel Gonqueh warned that the new alliance should not dash the hopes of Liberians who are earning for change, citing the currently unfolding which have landed the CPP to court.

Gonqueh said the alliance will decide on whom to lead it to an electoral process at the appropriate time.

Reading the resolution the Founding Chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Liberia, noted that the group was formed on basis of participation in the democratic process of Liberia and is therefore committed to campaigning together for the interest of Liberians.

According to him the group will promote a government that will promote justice for all, dignify the country, encourage socioeconomic development and serve the best interest if Liberia.

“We unanimously agree to work together and negotiate the selection of the next President of Liberia in the general and Presidential elections.”

“In view of the above, we also agree to stand behind one Presidential candidate in the 2023 Presidential election. We have decided this in our determination to reduce the numbers of political parties in Liberia,” Professor Alaric Tokpah, Organizing Chairman of Democratic Alliance of Liberia.

Even though according to him, the alliance is made of various political parties that are pursuing state power, love of the country remains a core value, which drives DAL to be devoted and loyal to a coalition that seeks the best interest of Liberia and makes I comparative to put aside Paris and ideological difference and to cooperate as an alliance of patriotic parties, various interest group, and peace-loving citizens.

Professor Tokpa expressed hope that the alliance will remain together for a people-center growth by exercising mutual respect and transnational solidarity.

“I see the people agenda for national progress, by which citizens will judge DAL administration and hold government accountable for its performance, “ Professor Tokpa started.

“Efforts shall be made by us to improve human-resource policy. We shall strive to improve government support for social services and include quality Liberians in government void of party affiliation.”