Liberia: ANC Blames former VP Boakai for Urey’s Constant Attack on Cummings


Monrovia – The Alternative National Congress (ANC), one of the constituting political parties within the Collaborating Political Parties has accused former Vice President Joseph Boakai for doing nothing as he (Baokai) watches the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Benoni Urey spew out lies against the ANC political leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings.

“Amb. Boakai remains content, and appallingly silent, in the face of evil lies against Mr. Cummings because it benefits him politically to make it appear as a fight between Cummings and Urey. But we are aware and the evidence is irrefutable that this is Amb. Boakai’s proxy war against Mr. Cummings, being fought by a man with depraved indifference to decency, truth and honesty,” Aloysius Toe, ANC National Secretary General asserted.

No Provision of the Framework Agreement was Added or Removed

Recently, the ALP Political Leader alleged that the Framework Document of the CPP was altered by what he termed as nefarious and fraudulent individuals within the CPP.

Addressing journalists at the ANC National Headquarters in Congo Town Monday, the ANC National Secretary General, Aloysius Toe said Mr. Urey did not indicate or provide any shred of evidence to substantiate his wild claims and allegations.

According to him, Mr. Urey did not say exactly what was altered in the document or who altered it.

Toe says the allegations from the ALP Political leader were false and inaccurate. He added that the Framework Document of the CPP has not been altered by any individuals, least to talk about his political leader, Cummings.

Toe added that all of the allegations coming from Mr. Urey are intended to impede the quest of Mr. Cummings for the CPP’s Standard Bearer ship.

“But far from Urey’s devious allegations, neither Alexander Cummings nor the ANC altered provisions of the Framework Document. In fact, no provision of the Framework Agreement was added or removed,” Toe said.

He revealed that the final framework document was signed via Zoom on May 19, 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. And during the process, each political leader, party chairman and their support staff were at separate locations during the signing and were only connected via Zoom.

He further said that Senator Lawrence was in Grand Bassa, Amb. Boakai in Paynesville, Mr. Cummings in Sinkor, and Mr. Urey was presumably on his farm in Careysburg.

“Each Political Leader had one original copy of the Framework Document and one signature page to sign on, he said.”

According to ANC National Secretary General, after the signing and publication of the Framework Document, there was massive public backlash on the provision of the Framework Document; indicating that employment would only be for known and visible CPP members.

The backlash, he said prompted the need for a legal revision of the Framework Document, in order to ensure that it met legal, statutory and constitutional standards.

“All political leaders and party executives agreed that there should be a revision by relatively independent reputable lawyers after the signing. Even Urey recently admitted in an audio clip, that all of the political leaders knew about and authorized the revisions by the lawyers,” ANC Toe said as he played an audio clip of Mr. Urey voice.

Toe added that the final framework document submitted by the legal committee, approved by all members of the CPP, and filed at the National Elections Commission has not been altered.

ALP’s Urey Wants to Destroy the CPP

According to ANC’s Toe, what is even more interesting is that while Urey continues to lie and cause trouble in the CPP, nothing is being done to hold him (Urey) accountable.

“This is a man who should not even be sitting at any table to discuss Liberia’s future because of his evil past, yet he is being allowed to destroy the CPP,” he said.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence Compromised her Neutrality

Also in the press conference, the ANC accused the political leader of the Liberty Party of compromising her neutrality role in the search for the CPP standard-bearer; accusing her of working behind the scene as she is seeking for the Vice President position of the CPP.

“Sen. Karnga-Lawrence has compromised her neutrality and independence and, instead, become an underground instigator and co-conspirator in the campaign of lies against Mr. Cummings; leaking internal confidential CPP information and communications to the public, including Costa, to denigrate Cummings, because she is working assiduously hard to become Amb. Boakai’s Vice President. It is a shame that the plot to ruin the CPP happened under her leadership.”

ANC Requests the Following

ANC Toe is also calling on the CPP, through its Chair, Senator Kargar-Lawrence, requesting her to make Urey to show the provisions of the Framework Document that were altered.

“Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai, as an elder in the CPP, must tell the public whether or not Urey’s allegation is true that they did not approve the lawyers’ work.

Unless Amb. Boakai publicly comes clean on this; we hold the belief that it is a conspiracy between Mr. Urey and Amb. Boakai in trying to use illegal means to avoid defeat at the CPP primary,” Toe said.

He added: “The lawyers of CPP must speak to the veracity of whether or not the Framework Document filed at the National Elections Commission has any provision(s) altered, removed or added from what they submitted as the final amended Framework Document.”