Liberia: Total Falsehood From Ex-President Sirleaf



Total falsehood not worth commenting on. Hut let me try. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, her family and friends robbed the Liberian people and got filthy rich and she is now talking about building a democracy in Liberia? God help our people.. Only 2 out of the 66 concession agreements you Ellen bragged about were deemed good for the country, according to Global Witness. See why the humanitarian billionaire George Soros has cut ties with you because of your corruption?

Where are the campaign promises you made to restore electricity and safe drinking water within six months upon taking office in January 2006? But you lied and said you attracted $20 billion worth of foreign investments to Liberia, schemes and scams you perpetrated on our guillible people to drive them from their ancestral lands simply to plant palm trees for palm oil as your “foreign investments.”

Despite the infusion of millions$ into Liberia from our international partners during and after Ebola, the healthcare system you left behind is still not worth to treat one’s dog. Thus, you never had your blood pressure checked at any public medical center in Liberia while you were in power for 12 years. Instead, you ran to America each time for your annual medical care paid for with our tax dollars. Tell the Liberian people when was the last time you checked into any government-funded healthcare center in Liberia for treatment when you were in office and since leaving office?

You appointed your older sister, the corrupt Jeannie Bernard who has never taken the temperature of any sick person to Chair the Board of Directors of the American-built, our once reputable and glorious John F. Kennedy Hospital in Liberia. And then you later named her Coordinator of National Healthcare Program for Liberia when hundreds of millions of dollars were pouring into Liberia from our international partners during the killer Ebola crisis that claimed the lives of nearly 5,000 Liberians. Over 100 EMS Ambulances were donated to Liberia under your watch. Today, you can’t count 10 EMS vehicles in the country.

Look at our healthcare system today. Corrupt government officials who have deep pockets and are sick with death staring in their faces dont go to JFK Hospital which is now coined by the poor as “Just For Killing” Hospital. They instead fly to Ghana, Dubai, South Africa, India, Europe and to the United States with our stolen money to get the best in medical care. And you are now “qualified” to work for the World Health Organization in any capacity? I see why US President Donald Trump has stopped pumping US tax dollars into the WHO money sinkhole because of people like you.

With such record, how, why and who at the World Health Organization was behind hiring you to work for the WHO? Bet you bought your way to that job as you did with the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize you “won?” despite your public confession as the architect, mastermind and financier of the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust that claimed the lives of 250,000 innocent Liberians; all for your greed for power. But history will not be kind to you. Remember this: war and economic crimes carry no statute of limitations.

I pray for your long life to have your day in court as did your NPFL battlefront rebel General Charles Taylor now spending the rest of his life in prison for his war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. I don’t know how you can sleep at night with the trail of deaths and destructions you brought on our country?

When our beautiful Executive Mansion, official residence and office of the President of Liberia caught on fire on July 26, 2011 while you were hosting fellow Africans invited to celebrate our indepedence day, you refused or failed to renovate the Mansion despite over $30 million that had been allocated in the budget under your Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs that you supervised The building is still not renovated and is unoccupied to date. Talking about your Harvard University “economics degree?” and management of our resources.

And why did you refuse to audit your son Robert Sirleaf who could not account for a reported $50 million and who ran NOCAL–National Oil Company of Liberia–into bankruptcy but you publicly took tull responsibility of his failed management of NOCAL? I see why you handed power over to a naively inept George Weah with his promise deal to “protect” you! Wait till we drag you before a Liberia War and Economic Crimes Court to account for your crimes against the Liberian people. Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion
Washington, DC, USA

[email protected]