Liberia: Open Letter to President Weah


Dear President Weah:

Treat the people as though it is their place in society to elect you and receive handouts in return. Don’t create jobs for them to make them dignified and respected citizens. Give them military styled outfits. Make them to walk miles to your headquarters to sing praises to you, while you ride the most expensive vehicles in the country. Don’t provide security protection for them, but tell them to buy their own CCTV cameras. Build few miles of public roads but invest millions in your private properties with public money. Sit and do nothing when public medical facilities become death traps for ordinary citizens. Meanwhile, you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat yourself and senior officials abroad on taxpayers’ money.

The Liberian people are not stupid! They are not fools! They elected you because they saw you as their hope. With all your shortcomings and inadequacies, they chose you over others with more knowledge, more wisdom, more education, and more experience, because they saw your story as part of theirs.

You have allowed power to get to your head. You have put greed above the people. And as a result, they are serving you exactly what you deserve. Thomas Fallah is not the problem! Abe Darius Dillon is not an angel either. But he has shown compassion for the people as a leader, while you have shown nothing but disdain for the very people who elected you. When the people are mourning, you dance. When they are hungry, you are filled and drinking the best of wine. When they complain, you call them “ungrateful!”

President George Manneh Weah, you need holy bath! You need to seek the face of God. You need to go back to your roots. You should be thinking about how you can provide employment for thousands of youths that have become petty criminals. You need to think about ways we can detoxify thousands of young people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. You need to fire the sycophants around you, who only tell you what you want to hear. And hire people with integrity and experience that will tell you what you need to hear.

You have two years to turn things around. You have two years to de-militarize the minds of your ardent youthful supporters and give them skills that they can live on. You have two years to build for yourself a legacy or be placed in the dustbin of history. If you don’t correct your errors, the Liberian people will do in 2023 as they are doing in 2020.

Good luck!

Your citizen abroad,

Samuel Barbay Gaye, Jr.

[email protected]