US-Based Liberian Launches Foundation to Cater to Underprivileged


Monrovia – Prince Dennis, a Liberian based in the United States has launched a foundation to cater to the underprivileged and less fortunate in the Bishop Brooks community which consists of UN Drive, Buzzy Quarters, Clay Street, Camp Johnson Road, Perry Street and Capitol By-Pass.

Named the Rich Cares Foundation and founded last year, it has been actively carrying out charitable works in the Bishop Brooks Community and beyond.

According to the CEO, Prince Dennis, the essence of the foundation is non-political. “People started to think it was only district #8, but now it has gone across,” he said. “We have been into a lot of humanitarian work such as food distribution, educational materials, etc.”

He furthered that the foundation has touched thousands of lives in various communities. He said they do this by identifying schools and providing scholarships and school materials, organizing clearing and sports activities.

The foundation, he said, runs a scholarship program in several schools in the community, including CDB King elementary school, Pioneer Baptist, etc.

“You’ll be surprised to know that even though some of these schools are free, parents still cannot afford to buy little things such as copy books, uniform, pencils,” he added. “This is where we come in – to bridge the gap. Scholarship doesn’t necessarily have to be payment of tuition – it comes in many forms.”

“We intend to also provide feeding programs to elementary schools in Monrovia.”

The foundation, he revealed, has also reached out to widows who are struggling financially and helped them with food and non-food items for their upkeep. He added that most of the widows are people he considered his mother as it takes a village to raise a child.

He said he sees the idea of the foundation as a way of giving back to the very community he spent his childhood prior to moving to the United States. “Whenever you ascend to any position in life, you have to give back. There should be no strings attached in giving back – that’s the way I see it.”