The Liberia Renaissance Office Incorporated to Begin Community Outreach and Support the Opposition Bloc


Monrovia – The Liberia Renaissance Office Incorporated (LIROI), the newest pressure group that is said to have been lobbying in the US for the opposition bloc has vowed to work with the opposition Collaborating Political Party (CPP) to unseat President at the polls in 2023.

LIROI was established over two months. Their support for the CPP comes after FrontPage Africa reported that a US$180,000 lobbying and public relations campaign aiming to gain US support for the opposition in Liberia was registered under the banner of the Liberian Renaissance Office.

In a release signed by the George Gyude Wisner, Coordinator of the Liberia Office calls on Liberians in and outside Liberia to usher in a “new era” in Liberia by promoting democracy, economic transformation and sustainable development in the Country.

“The LIROI is committed to working with the opposition, particularly in the CPP, in promoting its objective of democratically unseating the CDC-led Government at the polls in 2023,” the release said.

The release further, “However, our continued support is premised on the assumption that the CPP will embrace the consolidation of democracy and the promotion of economic transformation and sustainable development in line with our core values and objectives.”

The group also welcomes the effort of leaders of the Liberty Party, a constituent member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), to resolve internal disputes and reconcile their Party.

“The CPP is as strong as each of its constituent members. The LIROI also congratulates the Alternative National Congress on the successful holding of its extra-ordinary Convention. It is important that all constituent parties of the CPP uphold the tenets of democracy,” the release stated.

LIROI added that CPP must set good example and present itself as a mature alternative to re-focus the country on the priority tasks of relieving the Liberian people from the “current quagmire” in 2023.

“In this light, we particularly call on the Leadership of the CPP to quickly resolve all outstanding conflicts and disputes that have the propensity to undermine the cohesiveness of the collaboration and dash the hopes and aspirations of the vast majority of Liberians that have reposed confidence in it,” the release said.

LIROI further stated that that it is in the process of launching community engagement initiatives to promote greater public awareness of its objectives, identify champions to further these objectives, and develop a network based on shared values and principles.

According to the group, work is ongoing to develop web-based portal to provide regular up-dates of the movement’s activities and to give easy access to Liberians at home and abroad who are desirous of actively participating in the Movement’s activities and programs.”

The release added: “Liberia has been present at every stage of the construction of the international system from the League of Nations to the United Nations Organization, the African Union, ECOWAS, and the Mano River Union.”

It continues: “We can no longer tolerate people coming to office to play and have fun with power, with flagrant disregard for human rights, mysterious deaths and disappearances, rampant corruption, economic mismanagement and personalization of political power.”