Liberia: John H. Tubman, Son of Pres. Tubman Murdered in His Residence in Monrovia


Monrovia – Mr. John Hilary Tubman, son of former President William V.S. Tubman, has been found dead in his Fiamah residence in Sinkor.

Tubman, 76, was found lying face down in his room during the early afternoon hours of September 22 with deep cuts to his neck, and forehead with a pillow placed over his head, according to family sources.

A nephew of Tubman, William Tucker, said his uncle had scheduled an appointment with Mr. Tony Hage, a Lebanese business tycoon, on Wednesday September 22, 2021.

“My uncle and myself along with my niece were to meet Mr. Tony Hage today but I overslept up to12midday,” he said. “But when I woke up, I called the driver to come so we can go to my uncle’s place. And when we came, the gate was still closed, his phone off and the main entrance of the house still closed.”

Said Tucker: “I thought he was charged (drunk) from last night so I told the driver to pass to his window and to call him from there. To our surprise when the driver peeped in, there he was lying in a pool of blood.”

Tucker further explained that he noticed all of the doors and the main entrance were still closed but observed that the gate to the secret entrance into the house from the basement was opened.

“When we entered through the house from the underground we saw him lying in blood with a deep cut on his forehead, he had a pillow lying over his head and we observed that he was choked with a rope,” he continued.

An FPA reporter on the scene of the crime observed the room of Mr. Tubman in disarray with beddings and clothings scattered.

Family sources suggested that the culprit of the act must be familiar with the residence.

Joecilia Tubman, niece of the late John Tubman, said that, “If the police found foul play, it is just somebody around us that we know already. I grew up in this house. Nobody knows this house like the way I know this house. If anybody enter this house, that means that somebody that knows this house well. Look at these dogs in the yard. If anybody strange enters this yard the dogs will bark but the dogs did not bark.”

John Tubman, a brother to the late John H. Tubman said he believes his brother was murdered. “My brother was murdered in this messed up country. This country so messed up that people can just come and crawl. He used to live here along with only security in the daytime; no security can be here in the night. Someone dear to me passed away.”

The chef of the late Tubman said: “He alone has been living here with these dogs. He has been living here. Throughout people are here. People can come to him every day. I am his cook. I can be here in the day and when it is night I can go home.”

Tubman’s remains has taken to the morgue of the John F. Kennedy Hospital, pending an investigation on the matter by the Liberia National Police. The Liberia National Police is yet to issue a statement.