Liberia: Joe Boakai Says He Either Head the CPP 2023 Ticket or Support the Candidate on Condition


Monrovia – Ex-Vice president Joseph N. Boakai has vowed to support whoever wins the Collaborating Political Parties’ presidential ticket if the party lives by the agreements as enshrined in its framework.

The CPP, made of Liberia’s largest opposition bloc is expected to choose its standard-bearer later this year to take on President George Weah and the ruling party in the 2023 presidential election.

Ahead of the selection process which includes a voter perception survey (VPS) and a primary, former VP Boakai and the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings have openly declared their intentions to lead the collaboration to take on President George Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2023.

Political pundits and some insiders have expressed skepticism over the survival of the CPP in the wake of the selection if the losing candidate does not agree with the result.

However, appearing on T- Max Jlateh’s popular 50-50 radio program on SKY FM on Wednesday, the former VP said he will support whoever wins the ticket, but with a caveat.

“If I don’t win the CPP primary, I will support whoever wins, only if all the processes in the framework document are followed. If we stick to all of the things we have agreed to in the framework, we will go along with it. If the VPS is telling you that this is the way to go. This is the way we believe in, then you belleh [dare] listen,” former VP Boakai said.

Speaking further, Amb. Boakai said he signed unto the CPP with the intention to restore the hope of Liberians, and not to betray their trust; and as such he remains optimistic that the CPP will stick together and come up with a single slate of candidates before 2023.

“We went into the CPP with an intention: that we restore the hope of the Liberian people and that we do not betray the trust of the Liberian people. With that we are coming up with a single slate by consensus, and that would work. We will do the VPS. The VPS will not determine. The VPS would advise. It will tell the CPP that this is the person that we will support because we are the ones that are going to vote. And when we get to the primary, with that concern on our mind, we have to live by it.”

‘It’s A Lie’

Mr. Boakai also rubbished claims that he underwent a heart surgery, rather he sought medical treatment after the election because of the stress on the campaign trail.
“I did not do a heart surgery. I went to the hospital because of the stress from campaigning. What I have is a pacemaker. People with pacemaker live up to 90yrs”.

According to the medical online journal- Medicinenet, a pacemaker surgery is generally a minor surgery that may take around 1-2 hours to complete.

The pacemaker is implanted under the skin of the chest, and there is no need for open-heart surgery.

He countered the assertions that he is now of age and due to his deteriorating health, he will not be up to the task.

“Some people say that Joseph Boakai is old but I want tell them that good wine comes with age. I am as strong as I can be. I am on the move everyday. And I think the Liberian people want to see leadership.
Our people up country deserve the best. We are not going to take chances anymore.”

He pledged to serve for only one term if elected president.

He further recounted several interventions he made while serving as Vice President; some of which include the negotiations for investors, lobbying for support to the police, amicably resolving conflicts and ably advising then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as designated by the Constitution of Liberia.

Government’s Lacks Credibility

Former VP. Boakai decried the current governance system under the Weah’s administration and said his government lacks credibility.

According to him, the CDC-led government is rolling back every progress made under the UP’s leadership.

Citing some instances, he said the economy is in a doldrums and there is lawlessness everywhere because the government has failed to provide the needed leadership.

He said unlike the UP led government, this government continues to be snubbed by the United States and other potential investors owing to the bad governance system. He also mocked the current Liberian Government delegation in the United States, saying instead of meeting officials, ‘they are meeting drivers’.

” During those days, when we travelled, we brought results, we brought good news. Let us see what they will bring.”