Liberia: “He Rammed My Face with An Unexpected Punch” – Resp. Foko Guard Accused of Assault


MONROVIA — A resident of Cheesman Avenue, Airfield Sinkor Calvin C.A. Gilewala, has accused a security guard to newly elected Representative of District #9 Frank Saah Foko of beating and inflicting bodily injuries on him.

Representative Foko in a telephone interview confirmed the confrontation between his security and the resident but said, he wasn’t around and it was not on his orders. He, however, told FrontPageAfrica that the police are investigating the incident even though he has tried to reach out to the victim.

“I learned that there was a fight between my security and a guy who kept insulting me while I tried to intervene on behalf of victims of a demolition process carried out by the Public Works Ministry, but the police took charge of the incident. I went to calm the situation but the fellow kept disrespecting me. I informed him that it wasn’t about politics, elections are over and I was the representative for all,” Rep. Foko said.

Representative Foko of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has spent less than a month as the district lawmaker replacing his deceased boss, Munah Pelham-Youngblood as Montserrado County District #9 Representative.

According to Gilewala, on the evening of April 2, 2021 a demolition exercise sanctioned by residents of Cheesman Avenue for the opening of alleyway was carried out by Public Works Zoning department around the Airfield community. During that exercise, Representative Foko was called upon by the victims to intervene though he couldn’t stop the legitimate action, his intervention to some extend   delayed the process.

 “About 7:30 later after the exercise, some unknown young people in the area began to throw stones towards my dad’s house and the adjacent house. Security reasons. We reached out to the LNP, during the wait for the LNP Rep. Foko arrived on the scene.

“Upon his appearance, he angrily urged the guys to stop and began to use four and three letters’ words profusely. He then placed a rhetorical question; “you don’t know you have very huge investments here to protect? In case those guys destroy it because of your actions? If you don’t stop, they wouldn’t stop. Someone said but they started and they are still stoning!

“It was during this time I asked so it means you asked them to stone our homes right? Arrogantly and angrily Rep. Foko responded and said: “Who da a** talking there? You talk again, I will put you’re a** in jail! That was when I told him ‘please don’t insult me’ and we had some exchanges. The neighbors and other bystanders tried to calm me. I further told him never in his life should he ever insult me.”

He further narrated that at that time, Rep. Foko pulled his phone and made few calls while awaiting one of the calls to be answered, he said, “you’re disrespecting me because I didn’t come with security or I am standing in T-shirt. But you’ll see soon. Minutes after, James Jallah, his private bodyguard came and stood up behind him.

“While standing, the bodyguard of the Frank rammed my face with an unexpected punch and started kicking me and said “he’s not your equal I will kill you and teach you a lesson you will never forget”!  “I lost cash and some personal value. Just in time the police were on the scene and arrested the situation promptly.”

Gilewala also confirmed Rep. Foko’s claim that the Police have taken charge of the incident and is investigating it. “The Lawmaker’s bodyguard Jallah and me were sent to the Liberia National Police – LNP’ headquarters on grounds that they didn’t want too many people at the Airfield Depot with claims and counterclaims that may result to the escalating commotion. The bodyguard of Rep. Frank Foko was charged with aggravated assault and detained,” he said.