Liberia: Dr. Thomas Nimene Tweh, Jr., – A Humanitarian Working to Change Lives


MONROVIA – A Liberian humanitarian, Dr. Thomas Nimene Tweh, Jr., Commonly known as the “Original Country Man” has for the past few years invested hugely in human development initiatives.

Report by Obed Gibah, Contributing Writer

Mr. Tweh, who is an eminent resident of the Township of Caldwell told Golden TV in an exclusive profiling interview that as a man who grew up for the most part experiencing extreme hardship, he finds  pleasure in helping to improve the living conditions of people.

Mr. Tweh indicated that one of the ways to develop Liberia is for the citizens to have a positive mindset about their country.

Speaking further, the “Original Country Man” lamented that though he is not a worthy man, over the years, he has contributed immensely and continue to do so in his capacity as a private citizen in the following areas:

1. Education

2. Health

3. Women Empowerment

4. Public infrastructure

5. Water & Sanitation, etc.

In terms of education, Mr. Tweh’s Humanitarian Foundation has awarded over Five Hundred (500)  Scholarships for students attended various Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities across Liberia.

He said his Foundation offers scholarship and financial aid opportunities to deserving Liberians on a merit-based system and not on “who knows you” basis.

Mr. Tweh also told reporters that his Foundation has undertaken several health care initiatives ranging from settling medical bills for patients at various health facilities to supplying essential drugs to some clinics in Montserrado County.

This quiet philanthropist single-handedly constructed and furnished the Upper Caldwell Police Station with air conditioner and other convenient electrical appliances as well stationeries. The Station is located at the Samukai Town Junction. Additionally, the “Originally Country Man” is credited for constructing the Louisiana Peace Hut in Township of Lousiana. This selfless humanitarian ha also embark on a huge project of constructing a modern bridge linking Caldwell to Johnson Ville and other adjacent communities. When quizzed as to whether fundings for these projects and initiatives are being provided by donors, Mr. Tweh averred that every cent he is serving is his personally resources.