The Editor,

We must change the narrative about how we handle our politics. I am not an admirer or supporter of Amb Joseph N. Boakai’s leadership but I am in empathy with him and his family about his illness. He is a Liberian, who has served this country, and he is a father, brother, uncle, nephew and relative to many Liberians.  He is a part of one family–Liberia –that we are part of . Unfortunately, if he dies, Liberians will feel the wound and devastation. This is why  no matter his political stance, direction and persuasion, he deserves our prayers and support. It would be necessary that we differ on principles, ideas,  programs, policies, and political persuasions and live in one love and harmony. 

In all fairness, the world is seriously watching us how we are handling our politics. Our politics is taking the wrong trajectory where every side of the diverse is wishing someone about the worst situation.  This must be condemned, resisted and do away with. 

I must admit,  it should be totally unacceptable to wish a politician death. Moreover, death is a natural phenomenon, inevitable and everyone on earth will face it. As you check on Facebook, it becomes very irritating and disgusting seeing some Liberians wishing the death of Amb Joseph N. Boakai, instead of  asking God for a second chance. We may not like each other on  principle or  political difference, but LOVE should triumph or be the center of our existence. 

A month ago, the Minister of Finance & Development Planning , Hon. Samuel D. Tweh was involved in a tragic accident , frustratingly to note that some Liberians were celebrating and wishing him dead. Months ago, another information sparked out that the former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  was dead. Some Liberians were celebrating and wishing for such information to be a reality.   This was disgusting! This is how our politics has taken us so far, without taking into consideration that we all are Liberians and deserve to help each other.

For me, I will never wish anyone death because I am not the custodian of life , but God Almighty is the One Who  determines… In our political discourse, we should debate critical issues of policies, ethics, and principles diversities.  Then we will live healthily in the ambience of the law,  harmony, and we will generally seek the overall interest of the country. 

In a conversation with a friend, I strongly condemned him wishing the death of a Liberian . I told him that I am a CDCEAN, an admirer of Dr. George Manneh Weah’s leadership and Personality, and nothing can take me away from that unchangeable love that I have for him. I frankly told him that wishing Amb. Joseph N. Boakai’s death will not prove one’s loyalty to the CDC and loving the President.  President George Manneh Weah is a man of Love , peace and empathy. His love for mankind  is fulcrum upon which our  Heaven Father sees for continuously blessing him and making him the President of this great nation. If we truly love  him , we must emulate his good examples of his life’s  styles.  we must also adhere to the principle of Patriotism — the love for Country.  

As I said earlier, I do not believe in Amb Joseph N. Boakai’s leadership. Which I maintain! He has served this country for the periods of over 48 years , serving as head of YMCA,  Minister of Agriculture, and Vice President. In my mind, considering some missteps and being a partaker of the Spoil System, and accumulating wealth, as well as being silent without pushing the people’s agenda; it is the saddest history that many people will vote him as  president. He presided over the Liberian Senate for appropriately 12 unbroken years where 65 bogus Concession Agreements were signed against the Liberian people.  Realistically speaking, considering his current stage of  illness,  every Patriotic citizen can not or will not be so happy of electing him. He lacks the physical and mental capacities to lead .  Some of the guys who milked this country for 12 unbroken years, and who can not work without government job, are the ones pushing Amb Boakai to contest. This would be an unbearable situation for the former Vice President, as we start the heated political debate. Admittedly, at his age, he needs to rest, concentrate on his family without enduring any political tension or stress ….If he considers this, it will help him to have  stress free existence. 

Lastly, Joseph N. Boakai has served this country in several strategic positions and nothing he needs to prove beyond. He admitted that they  “Squandered lot of opportunities” that would have improved the living standard of  Liberians”. This statement would be one reason that he should not be elected as President. I would advise the former Vice President that he could be sitting, and relaxing home to provide his elderly pieces of advice to his H.E. George Manneh George, while he frequently seeks medical attention.With this ,  I think he will leave an indelible marks behind…The President deserves reelection, oppositions are aware that the President is doing extremely great job despite some challenges. 

Coleman Payne,
[email protected]