Liberia: Pres. Weah’s Multi-Million Dollar Complex Nearing Completion


Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah’s newly constructed multi-million-dollar complex in the Baptist Seminary community, off the Robertsfield Highway has begun raising more eyebrows with many Liberians still wondering how it was funded.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

Construction of the monstrous 41-unit state-of-the-art structures began immediately after the President Weah was sworn into office in January 2018. 

Prior to the commencement of the construction, the area was used as a football pitch by members of the community.

The President demolished his US$150,000 9th Street beachside property for reconstruction while at the same time renovating the Jamaica Beach property and building the RIA Highway complex simultaneously. 

A major concern amongst those questioning Weah’s move was why he did not carry out such development of his personal properties prior to becoming President. Others wondered why such project was so much a priority for the President when the country was experiencing a nose dive in the economy. 

There were also concerns about President Weah’s refusal to declare his assets but at the same time acquiring more assets just few months into his presidency.

The speed at which the RIA highway project and the rest of the President’s other projects were being concluded compared to projects like the 14 Military Hospital, Bali Island and other projects for which he broke grounds raised some eyebrows.

Recently, Finance and Economic Planning Minister speaking of President Weah ability to acquire any property said, “He was born to make history. He made history in football, he’ll make history in politics; you’re wasting your time. Some people are born and you can’t fight it. What ‘God’ has chosen, man can never fight. There is a reason why ‘God’ took him from Gibralta to become the President today. So, whether you write fake news on FrontPageAfrica, you go on some kind of show and lie about a man who earned money – US$80 million and more – the man whose son is a millionaire, the man who made a lot of money, to say he ain’t got money to build his own house because he’s President, that’s a black wicked evil lie.”

Min. Tweah’s defense does not corroborate with Pres. Weah’s 2014 asset declaration forms which he filed with the National Elections Commission (NEC).

In the declaration to the National Elections Commission (NEC) Weah disclosed that he had four properties, two in Florida, USA, one on 9th Street, Sinkor, Monrovia and another in Rehab Community in Paynesville. 

The 9th Street property, according to that declaration was worth US$150,000, the Rehab structure was valued US$100,000. The Miami, Florida property – US$1.4 million while the other property in Florida was put at US$900,000.00.

He further declared at the time that he earned US$200,000 over a period of 12 months (July, 2013 to June 2014) from his real estate in the United States. 

The only savings mentioned in that declaration was US$50,000 in Chase Bank in the U.S.

In a 2016-17 child support case brought by Mannete A. Gono against Weah in the United States, Weah, then Senator of Montserrado County told the U.S. Court that he earned only US$1,090 as Senator. He, therefore, insisted that he could only afford US$160 as monthly child support fee. He added that he had two other minors born in 2000 and 2012.

Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe was quick to dismiss Min. Tweah’s comment, noting that Min. Tweah wasn’t the President’s accountant.

FrontPageAfrica has reliably learnt that in a smart move to dodge being scolded by international partners, Pres. Weah is contemplating on presenting the structures as a gift to government as some development partners have launched an investigation into Pres. Weah’s acquisition of the property.

FrontPageAfrica is yet to independently verify this information as the Executive Mansion is yet to comment or provide further clarity on this.

Comments from Facebook

Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye Jr.:You nailed it senior brother, this looting of state covers and sluggishly ignoring the calls of the masses is accelerating day by day under the stewardship of Pres. Weah. Mr. Weah is possessed with arrogance and Ignorance and doesn’t look like an individual that is prepared to vomit these possessions out of his belly.

Àlpha G. Gray: If the decent houses shown below belong to the president, then he’s actually doing well. At least he’s not one of those who maximized wealth at the detriment of the ordinary people and took it out of country to build another man’s country. Kudos President Weah.

Ansony Sieh: This episode will detrimentally break the looting records since 1847. 

Hilton Prince: He bought this land 1996 , since than nothing grass was beautifying the land ..
Within six months estate appeared no shame .
This is egoistic mind set , I am sorry for our brethren who for the passed 12 years printed their owned T-shirt , walk from barnesvilles to oldroad and walk back to and fro, continue walking ahhhhh. What type of walking is this????

Gaiyeizohn Aba Davis: Mr. President, we didn’t make mistake by overwhelmingly casting our ballots for you. We made the right choice. We will appreciate greatly were you to continue such an initiative.

Roland ZN Wandah II: Congratulations president George M. Weah for such a huge development. Bravo!

Stanley Wilson: If indeed, President Weah remember Liberia, and not foreign land, then my love for Him has increase. Others used Tax payer money and build in other countries. Go ahead President Weah you have our support. Empty Central Bank and built more units in Liberia, but not in foreign Land. You are AUDIT free. BRAVO.

Davina Yei Makador Queeglay: Smh. All this in a year as a personal property n u say getting better? With all the hardship you’re surrounded by?

Davina Yei Makador Queeglay: Smh. All this in a year as a personal property n u say getting better? With all the hardship you’re surrounded by?

Sten Yeanay: Thank God that he’s doing it right here. He didn’t go to develop another man land

Musa Boakai: Thank you Mr. Developer In Chief for such a great development

Augustus K Mellen: 16 billion is missing, and the president is doing this. What does it mean to Liberians?

Samuel Jackson: Good morning. If you believe in worshipping a human 
being and become blinded to reality count me out. George Weah is no God. I know him to be a hedonistic playboy. 

One year ago he was dragged into magisterial court for refusing to pay child support. My daughter was the lawyer for the child’s mother. All court proceedings 
are public. He claimed to be indigent. 

Less than a year later he’s building multimillion dollar ultra-modern luxury condos in the planet’s poorest country. 

If you’re okay with that due to your low IQ and occultish standing do not force your limitations on us with higher order thinking. 

Moses Uneh Yahmia: Robert Sirleaf looted NOCAL and used a meagre part of the looted funds to build mini stadiums in slum communities, we called him a thief. 

But Weah is looting the same national treasury and building his private mansions and you call that national development?