One Bong Campaign Group Vehemently Opposes Splitting of The County


Gbarnga – As the debate to split Bong County into part two and form Bong Range County intensifies, an advocacy group has called on citizens of both lower and upper region of the county to reject all discussions surrounding the division of the county.

Currently, Senator Henry Yallah is proposing a bill at the Legislature that will divide the county into two equal halves.

Senator Yallah argues that when the bill is passed there will be uncountable developments for people of the new county.

Article 34A of the Liberia Constitution says the legislature shall have the power to create a new county and other political sub-division and readjust existing boundaries.

In a press statement issued by the One Bong County campaign expressed “total unhappiness and concern” about the Senator Yallah’s move to split the county.

The release signed by Kusee Armstrong said the intent of senator Yallah and his supporters to divide the county is “selfish, diabolical and has the tendency of persuasively dividing the peaceful citizens of the county instead of reconciling them”.

They argue that the problem with the county is not division but the “lack of adequate and united leadership that will see Bong as a whole in decision making and ensure the adequate distribution of the limited resources for the sole purpose of improving the lives and well-being of the citizen”.

The statement: “Senator Henry Willie Yallah has lost the ability to provide quality leadership for the county due to the size and population as well as his inability to fulfill his campaign promises in 2012 general and presidential election.”

The One Bong County campaign called on people of the county to reject what they called a “negative message from senator Yallah”.

The campaign has rallied over 2,500 members in the 13 administrative districts of the county.

The group has joined other prominent natives of the county including Noble Peace Prize winner Madam Layman Gbowee to lash at the lawmaker.

Madam Gbowee called on Bongese (people of Bong County) to reject the split, something she believes has the propensity to establish a long-running conflict amongst the people.

Meanwhile, several other prominent citizens of lower Bong region including Representative Moima Briggs Mensa, Joseph Papa Kolleh and former county superintendent Selena Polson Mappy are all pushing for the division of the county.

Report by Fatu Borlay, Bong County