Margibi County concludes Leadership Traning For Youth


Margibi County – About 148 emerging leaders have been certificated after completing a two-day master training in strategic leadership held in Kakata, Margibi County.

Report By Yawah Y. Jaivey in Margibi County

The training was conducted under the auspices of the Center for Leadership Development and Conflict Transformation (CELDACT) in collaboration with the Trinity College of Professional Studies (TRINCOPS).

The training was held over the weekend under the theme: “Educate, Empower and Execute” and offered lessons on several subject matters including the concept of leaders, principles of leadership, types of leadership style, the Biblical concept of leadership, amongst others.   

Senator Jim W. Tornonlah, the proponent of the leadership training, disclosed that the initiative was triggered by findings of a survey carryout in 2017.

The survey indicated that young emerging leaders in the county were lacking the necessary qualification to embrace themselves as leaders.

“We have a lot of brilliant young people in the county who are very zealous, excited and movable at any time but we have realized that they do not have the mechanism that will produce them as leaders yet they want to be in the space of leadership,” Senator Tornonlah said.

The Margibi County Senator intimated that with most of the young people overwhelming interest in politics and leadership, it was necessary to offer them qualification in order to maximize their talent, gift and ability.

Sen. Tornonlah stated: “After our survey, we realized the need to come back and begin to give them the thought of identity, thought of realization, and thought of giving an insight about their own future and how they can work through it.”

The Margibi County Lawmaker and founder of the Trinity College of Professional Studies based in Harbel, Lower Margibi County admonished the participants to consider the knowledge acquired as the beginning of being a ‘fire brand’.

“Go back and be the first, be the best and make the difference. Going back after the training is a clear indication that you have been illuminated and your life should kindle. Create for yourself a concept that at your age you can start to set a legacy of your life,” Sen. Tornonlah challenged the emerging leaders.

Sen. Tornonlah divulged that the leadership training exercise is being conducted in series with another session expected to shortly get underway in Duazon, Lower Margibi County with a new batch of 200 emerging leaders expected to be trained. 

He said in a bid to keep providing leadership development skills to young emerging leaders of Margibi County, he intends to construct and equip two resource centers in the lower and upper parts of the county.

Johnson S. Sanlee, on behalf of the participants, expressed profound gratitude to the adminsitration of the Center for Leadership Development and Conflict Transformation and the Trinity College of Professional Studies (TRINCOPS) for the training opportunity offered to the youth of the county. 

He stated that the knowledge acquired will tremendously help in making them great future leaders of the country. Sanlee added that the development of society doesn’t only focus on infrastructure but the human mind which he considers as the best way to transform a country.