2023 Elections Critical To Rescue Liberia From Weah’s Failed, Broken Promises


MONROVIA – The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has cautioned Liberians that the 2023 elections will be a defining moment for generations to come, as such, it cannot be based on favorite political parties, friendships or the desires and aspirations of our tribes and religions. Speaking to the press from his office, the integrity driven leader of the opposition said love for country and a commitment to rescue the nation from the failed and broken promises of President George Weah is the only option for Liberians. Mr. Cummings said Liberia is deeply hurt and bleeding profusely due to dishonesty in government, gross mismanagement, as well as cheaply and selfishly giving away its resources.

He warned that unless Liberians change this trend, by voting right in 2023, Liberians will continue to be poor, and beg other nations to do for us what we can, and should be doing for ourselves.
“I have repeatedly said Liberia is too rich for its citizens to be poor, but the lack of honest leadership in government, combined with the mismanagement of the resources God has blessed our country to have including giving it away cheaply and selfishly, are responsible for the sad reality of the poor living conditions, many Liberians continue to face daily,” Mr. Cummings said.

He spoke June 20, 2023, at a special media engagement with Journalists in Monrovia.
Mr. Cummings said in the last five years, President George Weah’s administration has proven to be incapable of leading and continue to engage in massive corruption and wasteful spending, that the international community can no longer trust and tolerate his leadership.

He made specific reference to the missing L$16 billion, the US$25 million mop-up fund, the US$25 million Road Fund, the unaccounted Global Fund, the COVID-19 Relief fund, as well as report by 11 foreign missions and international organizations, which warned the Weah administration to stop stealing money from their accounts at the Central Bank of Liberia without approval.

The ANC Political Leader said these alarming rates of theft and corruption, are embarrassingly turning away international investors to neighboring countries, badly needed to create jobs that will pay Liberians decent living wages.

Mr. Cummings accused the Weah administration of massive budget padding, disguising millions of tax payers money, as “security money” or special presidential project and amassing huge allotment to the President and few officials, while depriving the vast majority of basic and essential social services.
“While the national budget allocated US$15.4 million for the President and his four top officials, it gives 12 teachers training institutes and community colleges, a combined budget of US$9.3 million, and a combined budget of US$10.7 million to four major referral hospitals including the JFK hospital in Monrovia, Phebe hospital in Bong County, Jackson Doe hospital in Nimba County and the Redemption hospital in New Kru Town, Monrovia.

Mr. Cummings described such unfair distribution of the nation’s wealth as irresponsible and outright legalized stealing which must be stopped by voting out Weah in 2023.

He said the in the last five years, Weah’s administration has not only failed to create jobs as promised, but rather proceeded to cut salaries of civil servants, which has pressurized the private sector to also pay Liberians less, thereby subjecting families to difficult economic conditions and more suffering.

Mr. Cummings blamed the rising cost of living and soaring prices of food, transportation, medicine and other basic services to the arbitrary hike in government fees and charges on gasoline and fuel importations, thereby deepening the social challenges and suffering of Liberians.

Mr. Cummings observed that there are more Liberians begging today for survival, than since the end of the country’s 14 years civil war.