River Gee County Legislative Caucus Suspends Senator Conmany Wesseh


Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

Monrovia – Members of the River Gee County Legislative Caucus have suspended for time indefinite the membership of Senator Conmany Wesseh. River Gee’s Caucus’ decision, according to the suspension letter, is a result of the Senator Wesseh’s attitude of undermining the county development.

In the letter of suspension signed by Alexander Poure, secretary of the caucus and Francis Young, Co-chair, the caucus amongst many things accused Senator Wesseh of undermining, and vilifying the caucus and constantly exhibits disrepute to the Office of the President.

In response to his suspension, Wesseh said he owes no apologies to the caucus.

“After a close observation of your activities with regards to the undermining and vilification of your caucus, and the disrepute to the Office the President to the detriment of River Gee’s County Development, the River Gee legislative caucus has decided to disassociate itself from you thereby suspending you from the caucus indefinitely.

“Senator Weseh, your suspension from the caucus takes immediate effect,” the suspension letter stated.

Sen. Wesseh, according to some members of the caucus, has proven to be a troubled child, who wants everything to work his way and will stop at nothing to breed conflict in the caucus if his desires and suggestions are opposed by other caucus members.

“He wants all the appointments in the county to be his recommendations and once it is not, he works to ensure that it doesn’t work for the person who fills in. We have tried all we can to make peace amongst members of the caucus but Sen. Wesseh has proven to be a troubled child. He has issues with everyone; we cannot continue to be like this. The county’s development must move forward,” one member of the Caucus told FPA in an interview.

The under-fire Senator, in an interview with reporters, said he has absolutely no knowledge about claims made against him in the suspension letter.

Sen. Wesseh is meanwhile asking for answers to number of questions in the letter.

“The media must assist in seeking clarity in what they mean by this letter they wrote. I am an elected senator working diligently in the interest of my people.

“On this one, I have no apologies and I will work in keeping with the law. With respect to how people call themselves Caucus no caucus that is a good idea. It is convenient that we sit together to talk about our county. I will always be a part but I am Senator though people seek to make themselves leaders of the county but I am a senator elected by the county.”

Responding to allegations that he is working to deny local county officials nominated by President George Weah, he said: “We have confirmed more than 44 local county officials; so I have no apology and I am doing my work, I will not be distracted.”