The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost: Past Events Haunt Weah’s Administration


The Editor,

The chickens are now coming home to roost in Liberia. Without Washington’s political and financial blessings, the Weah regime will be a one-term regime. Four years as President and Weah has not been invited to the White House?

Don’t blame the opposition/CPP; blame the recklessness of the inhumane policies that among other things led the Americans to terminate MCC (Millinium Challenge Corporation) and the hundreds of millions of dollars that was cut off from Liberia. That is not the doing of the CPP/Opposition.

A naive President Weah told the Americans to supply his cabinet with enough study materials inorder for his regime to “pass” the MCC test/benchmarks. That President Weah went from a Liberian Senator to the presidency and did not know anything about the MCC benchmarks says a lot about Weah himself and his senior advisers and cabinet.

Another big no-no in international diplomacy that the Weah regime committed was when it raided the operational funds belonging to the US Embassy and eight other western embassies at the Central Bank of Liberia that then Information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe dubbed “we were digging one hole to cover another hole to pay our civil servants.” God help Liberia and now the Weah regime is looking for scapegoats, the opposition for it’s own misdeeds.

What Team Weah and his spin masters have forgotten is thinking they can sway US foreign policy in Washington, DC by hiring paid lobbyists when it is the US Embassy in Monrovia that compiles the damaging yearly reports on Liberia that end up in the US State Department Annual Human Rights and Labor Practices Report. But the Weah regime dismisses the State Department Report with one-liner snippets.

And now to hear Finance Minister Samuel Tweah crying with his crocodile tears when he is supposed to be the intellectual guru on American foreign policy in the Weah cabinet speaks volumes to the dissary in the government. So keep blaming the opposition and better don’t touch any member in the opposition like you did to the four LRA auditors who were butchered for simply trying to follow the money trail. Try that and you will hear from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and my friend and President of the United States, Mr. Joseph Biden himself.

If US Intellifence can monitor the telephone and Internet discussions of US allies around the world, Weah and his operatives should know that their every phone conversation including the Police, NSA, Internet transactions, banking information are ALL monitored by the US and no amount “false narratives” by Tweah or the Opposition can absolve the Weah regime of its crimes.

The Americans know more of the LD$16 billion, the US$25 million, the murders of the four LRA auditors, the killings of other citizens, the get-rich-quick syndrome of Weah and his buddies amassing wealth, their appetite for embarking on real estate expansionism and much more when civil servants are owed months in back pay, the University of Liberia has closed and the buildings in decay. Keep blaming the CPP/Opposition as 2023 looms, Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion

Retired Liberian Journalist and

Political Commentator

Washington, DC, USA