An Open Letter to Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker


Dear Superintendent Walker,

Since the advent of your loose characterization of” PhDs holders as stupid” broke the front pages of social media, by and large, the global media landscapes, I have been, deep thinking and trying not to contemplate enough, but constrained to comment on your loose characterization or respond to the purported audio I carefully listen to.

Within less than 24hrs, multiple thoughts have been intensely going through my mind, on how to sequence the continued misrepresentation of the noble office of the Superintendent under your administration and the public embarrassment.

However, knowing the controversial and caricature nature of the character linage you display in public and the high level of discomfiture you continue to bring upon yourself and the image of the people who designated you as the Superintendent of Bong County, it is not surprising to me and the populace of Bong County. I cannot sit idly by with pen in hand and contemporary academic devices while you lose characterization of” PhDs holders as stupid” becloud the minds of our younger generation.

I have also struggled to understand your contextual assertions or paradoxical interpretation of these ill-responsible, unfounded, and unimaginable statements. How be it I thought to respond to the sequences and predominance in your spontaneous embarrassing assertion of “PhDs holders as stupid”.

Madam Walker, to narrowly categorize PhDs as stated in the purported audio, is a total affront and disservice to some of us who have invested incredible efforts and dedicated resources to achieve quality higher education. Moreover, it is disrespectful to the bright image of education in Liberia, which the government you work for continues to significantly invest in. It further undermines the collective efforts to encourage and inspire the younger generation in devoting their youthful years to acquiring quality higher education.

Madam Walker, education is the most powerful transformation that shapes individuals, society, and development remarkably. Every great nation strongly relied on a productive and efficient education system to stimulate social infrastructure growth, security, and economic productivity.

Acquiring a quality academic Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. is a blessing for every individual and nation as the knowledge brings greater efficiency and remarkable innovation that mitigates challenges and bridges societal gaps.

I am sorry you don’t have the same educational capacity we have acquired, you would have been logically equipped to understand the empirical nature of development and inclined enough to value the struggle for quality higher education.

If you are politically privileged to occupy or administer a public functionary you must serve with a distinguished reputation, so that history will document you in the best fashion. To many people who have invested incredible time, energy, resources, and ultimate sacrifices to acquire degrees and experience to serve despite you being politically preferred. This in no way should make you feel overvalued than a Ph.D. whose knowledge will bring more dividends and better output in public services delivery.

Madam Walker, since your appointment as Sup. of Bong County, you continue to grossly and miserable under perform, simply because you lack the academic qualification and the technical expertise to administer the affairs of the Local government unit. Additionally, the lack of quality education continues to manifest in your incompetency and display in your casual gossips nature, coupled with notorious confused utterances on public appearances. Unfortunately, the people of Bong County do not feel your leadership impact due to the lack of tangible deliverables and productivity in your leadership. We continue witnessing a misrepresentation of the office of the Superintendent under your administration simply because of political preference over the development of our County. It is widely speculated that you are probably one of the most public embarrassments to this government, which has been visibly proven through your display of gross incapability in effectively administering the affairs of the Bong County local government unit. In popular opinion the most underperformed Superintendent in the chronicles of Bong County history.

Madam Esther; be reminded that Bong County is at the heartbeat of the nation due to its strategic political, demographic, and central geographical position. It is also grossly underdeveloped as such it needs a leader who is far-sighted, innovative, and equipped with the necessary education, development vision, and public administration skills, and the best strategy to transform its deplorable nature. Within the last four years, you have grossly failed to clean or maintain key administrative assets in Bong County and failed to deliver a complete project. Imaginably, if you would have acquired Ph.D. or graduate degrees you could have understood the complexity, fragmentation in developments, administrative structure, and above all the value for higher education.

Madam Esther; before you make reckless and ill-responsible assertions, take a careful look around you to see your peer’s counties in the North central regions, they are making incredible progress, completing their small projects that are allocated through their social development funds. If you read internal developments indicators and statistics as we do you will realize that Bong County lacks, so many of the basic minimum requirements, and needs much more to administer than her so-called leader been the caricature of i’ll-inform and ill-responsible educational comments or being in the media for the wrong reason. Your leadership as Superintendent, of Bong County, has been marred by structural dysfunctionality in maid administration, as you lack the technical know-how, tenacity, functions, and responsibilities that will make our Bong County Government responsive to the yearnings and aspirations of the essentials needs of our people.

Maybe you do not understand the nature and principles of the workings of public administration or a clear understanding of the sensitive nature of the local government office you occupy. Since you narrowly and confusedly characterized PhDs holders without noble regards to the values and the responsibility. I will quickly provide you with fascinating insight on what you should be involved with as a Superintendent, of Bong County;

The primary function of the County government is to bridge the gap between the central government and the common people. Administering services, addressing problems at the local levels.

a. The County government headed by Superintendent must be capable of managing the local government services in a way that will help raise the standard of living of the people. That is to say, the County government should thrive to render development services for example social infrastructure, health, roads, etc. but it has been the complete opposite under your administration.

b. The Superintendent is placed at the strategic forefront of ensuring the passage of local ordinances that ensure the strict implementation and monitoring of community-based policies, implementation of projects and programs that are aligned with national priorities and international commitments.

c. The Superintendent heads the county leadership, which is responsible for the performance of certain basic services which could best be administered locally on the intimate knowledge of the needs, conditions, and peculiarities of the areas concerned of the people.

d. This should be your focus on how to address or account for the expenditure of US$1.7m of the County Social Development Funds (CSDF) on development projects in the County between 2018 and 2021, under the 2018 County Sitting Resolution valued at US$2.29m that has not been completed.

I will allow you to retract your ill-informed comment or risk the wrath of public condemnation, or call for your resignation.

Finally, it is empirical enough to conclude that your masqueraded so-called high school credential is questionable, evidenced by your unproductive output and reckless comments. Education is the most important or evolutionary change that one muse undergoes to enable a full understanding of nature and happenings.

Kusee L. Armstrong

Wuhan University

Hubei, Main Land China +


Email:[email protected]