Liberia: Police, Immigration and LDEA Chiefs Attend Int’l Association of Police Chiefs Annual Conference


Police Inspector General, Patrick T. Sudue along with the Commissioner General of the Liberia Immigration Service, Robert W. Budy and Marcus D. Zehyoue, Director General of the Drugs Enforcement Agency is currently attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference held in Dallas, Texas from October 15,-18, 2022.

In a telephone interview with the New Liberia, LIS spokesman Abraham Dolley said the IACP Annual Conference and Exposition is the largest and most important law enforcement event of the year, stressing that more than 16,000 public safety professionals attend to learn new techniques, advance their knowledge and careers, and equip their department for ongoing success.

He named the three tenets of the conference as training, networking, and exhibit hall education.

“IACP 2022 will span four days of education and networking. The exposition hall will be opened Sunday-Tuesday of the conference to meet with more than 600 vendors showcasing products and services to assist the law enforcement profession,” he said.

He said the LIS and other law enforcement agencies consider their participation as welcoming.

Several topics such as Building Effective Crisis Response Programs, Key Elements for Success; Wearing Multiple Hats: Intelligence, Investigations, Officer Safety, Patrol, Training as well as Understanding the Power of Forensic Genetic Genealogy to Solve Violent Crimes and Cyber Security: Embracing the Future – How Technology Will Transform Law Enforcement among others will be taught.

He said these are critical areas law enforcement agencies in Liberia are taking advantage of to increase its preparedness whilst implementing its core function to the public.

Dolley asserted that lessons learned from the ongoing conference will be triggered down to every officer of the Immigration Service upon the return of Commissioner Budy who has underscored personnel development as key to the reformation process of the LIS over the years.

He said if LIS is to progress, every officer must form a part of the transformation agenda currently ongoing.

Meanwhile, on the margin of the conference, the LIS Communication Director noted that Commissioner Budy and other Liberian Law Enforcement chiefs attending the conference will explore the possibility of holding discussions from other partners on the need to assist Liberia in terms of partnership.