Monrovia – The Liberia Football Association, (LFA) has fined several clubs for flagrant violation of some components of the 2022/23 Rules and Regulations (R&R) since the opening of the new campaign that started with the Super Cup between Watanga FC and LISCR on Wednesday, 24 August.

The over 12 clubs were fined for acts of not attending match coordination meetings up to match day submissions using unauthorized kits and disruption of a match.

In a release issued on the official Facebook page on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, the LFA  fines range from LRD 7,000 per club to 50,000 LRD.

The Shipping Boys of LISCR FC were fined for using an unauthorized kit in their home match with Cece United on Sunday, September 4th.

LISCR who was playing at home appear in their away kit for the match and not their home blue and white kit but show up in their green outfit which is against the rules and regulations of the 2022/2023 national league.

LISCR FC was fined 𝗟$𝟯𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬 following the violation of regulations of chapter 2, Article 4, Section 4.0d of the Orange National League rules and regulations.

According to LFA, the club violated the rules “by using a green uniform which is considered an alternative strip during the match LISCR FC vs Cece United on Sept 4, 2022, at the ATS as reported by the Match officials.”

The rules states: ”A club shall not be permitted to change its registered strips during the season unauthorized. If such act occurs, the club shall pay L$ 30,000.00 into the LFA’s account for first offense and said fee shall be multiplied by the number of occurrences if it happens

Also, the LFA has fined Cece United LRD 50,000  over the behaviour of their fans during Sunday’s match against LISCR FC at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

The match came to a standstill after Cece United fans “threw objects at the match officials in protest of a disallowed goal” in the second half.

The club has meanwhile condemned the action of the fans, as such behaviour “is against the values and aspirations of the institution”

In another development, the FA placed an LRD 7,000 per club fine on several clubs for not attending coordination meetings.

The clubs include LIFE FC, Angeles FC, Nimba FC, Blackman  Warriors FC, Tony FC, Samira FC, Margibi FC and Paynesville FC.

It states ”The Match Coordination meeting shall be held a day to the match at noon. For the avoidance of doubt, any club that reports after the determined start time shall be considered to be late. A club shall be deemed to be absent if the club fails to report during the meeting. Said absence attracts a fine of LRD 7,000 per club, Match Commissioner or Referee”. 

“For matches being played out of Montserrado County, the MCM shall be held on the day of the match, 9 am at the match venue. The same applies to clubs based out of Montserrado and have a match scheduled for Montserrado”. 

The FA disclose also that that four clubs also got on the books of the LFA fine list for late match day submission of their team and have been fined LRD 30,000 as per Chapter 3, Article 3.8a.

The clubs fined are LPRC Oilers, Sinoe NPA, Nimba FC and NPA Anchors.

It’s States ”Every club is obligated to input before her match sheet online via the CMS per club. The match sheet contains players list (name, position &shirt number), Technical Staffs list (name & function),”

“The entry per game shall be submitted at most one hour to the match kick-off  time. The system will automatically close to all clubs one hour prior to your match,” 

“If the system is closed to clubs, assistance can be sought from the LFA (Competitions Department) within at most 20 minutes and pay a fine of LRD 30,000 before the club’s next league match. Failure for the club to complete her registration in time and fail to meet up with the 20 minutes payable grace period, said club shall forfeit the points for said match and be liable to a fine of LRD 100,000.00 to be paid before the club’s next match,”

Meanwhile Champions Watanga FC has been fine 30,000 for missed use of the substitution of method of the League.

According to Chapter 3,Article 3 session 3.5  “Number of named substitutes permitted in the team sheet/technical area: seven (7 ,”

“Number of substitutions allowed during regular match time: at most five (5)Number of opportunities permitted to make the 5 substitutions: three (3 ),” “Half time substitution is counted as a used substitute out of the five (5) possible 9   substitutions, not one part of the opportunities,”.