Liberia: Humanitarian Group Donates School Kits to Less- Fortunate Students in Du Port Road Community


Paynesville – New Liberia Hope Foundation, a humanitarian group operating in Liberia has emphasized the need for well-meaning Liberians to get involved in initiatives that will help shift the lives of other struggling citizens.

Speaking at the weekend when the group donated school kits to some less-fortunate students attending the Christ Academy School in the Du-port Road community, Paynesville city, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer Cecee Barnard stressed that positive initiative will change Liberia positively.

Presenting the materials, which include several book bags, lunch pads and a printer for the school, Barnard was thankful that the school was helping to create a positive change.

“I bought these school bags in the US and decided to give it to you because you are helping to create a positive change. Each of these book bags has lap-pad with copybooks, pencils and other school utensils,” Madam Barnard said.

“In Liberia, we are looking for new hope and this new hope is not about changing the regime, killing the president and so on, but we have to begin solving our problems one by one.”

Madam Barnard stated that violent means such as protest will continue to hold Liberia back, but positive ventures that will help empower Liberia’s future generation through educational activities is one way to solve some of the hitches the country faces.

She promised to make additional contributions to the school at a later date, admonishing students to take advantage of the education they are receiving.

The school is said to have 86 students, bulk of their parents can’t afford to pay their fees. As a result, most of these pupils are on scholarship. 

However, Bernard requested the names and ages of the students, so that she can be able to help.

 “I’m really proud of you because we are living in a protest environment and you are helping to solve this problem instead of going to protest. The problem is in our hands and we have to solve it ourselves,” Madam Barnard noted.

“As New Liberia Hope Foundation, we are on a mission to help Liberia rise and help people help themselves, so you can give me their names so that I can see how best to come in.” 

At the same time, the Chairman of the Board of the school, David S. Suah said the initiative is not politically driven, but intended to help students who are struggling.

Receiving the items, Mr. Jerry G. Weay lauded the group for choosing his institution as a beneficiary of its gifts.

Mr. Weay said there were several children in the community who were not in school, so he initiated a study-class that would later transform to a full academic program. That was due to a request from several parents in the community.

He added that many parents are still unable to send their children to other institutions due to a lack of finance. 

“Many parents are sending their children here because they are not paying tuition, but only registration fees,” he said.

“Most of the children you see here do not have uniforms and some do not have shoes for schooling, but we allow them to come to class because they want to learn.” 

At the same time, the principal said several children are attending the school and are not paying fees because their parents are unable to cover their fees, a situation created by the prevailing economic situation.

Mr. Weay then called on other humanitarian organizations and philanthropic individuals to help the school with other facilities that will improve its status and students learning abilities.