Liberia: Family Denies Knowing Aunty Who Allegedly Injected Angel


Blames Ricks for Negligence

MONROVIA – Moses Zuahdyu, uncle of the late 13-year-old Willvette Angel Nagbe, has told FrontPageAfria that the family does not know Ms. Lisa Jackson, whom Ricks Institute says, is in their record, as the “legal guardian” of his deceased niece.

Zuahyu even stated that since the incident occurred, Ricks’ administration hasn’t gone to see the family.

By Mae Azango, [email protected]

“So how can they say they want an autopsy when they have not even sat with the family to discuss anything?”

 According to Zuahyu, it was classmates of Angel and the alumni association, who went in their own names and not the administration, to visit with them, family. 

He denied having any conversation with Ricks Institute on whether an autopsy should be conducted on the remains of Angel and stressed that is yet to pay the family a visit. 

When asked about this purported aunt called Lisa Jackson, whom it is reported to have administered injections to Angel, he said they do not know any Lisa Jackson to be attached to their family. Neither do they know her as any “legal guardian” to Angel as is reportedly in the school’s file.

“It is one Prince Nelson, who is the contact person for Angel and not Lisa, or maybe Lisa Jackson is Prince’s wife. But we do not know her,” he disclosed.

Zuahdyu further argued that he does not understand why the school would say a lady gave injections to Angel when she was supposed to be under the school’s watch and supervision on this field trip.

“Even if Ricks is saying someone administered injections to Angel, she was in the school’s care. So, why did they allow someone to give her an injection? We entrusted our daughter in your care; so where was the school administration when this person was giving her the injection? Even if someone gives her an injection, how did she come in contact with that person without the knowledge of the school’s administration since they took her from Monrovia to Buchanan?”

The deceased uncle said he wasn’t disputing that someone gave or didn’t give Angel injections, but his contention is that she was in the school’s care; adding: “So where did they leave her for this to happen?”

He stressed that the family wants to know the cause of death; however, they are not willing for an autopsy to be done on the remains of Angel.

“My sister told me the girl’s mother, who is in the US, does not want an autopsy to be done on her daughter. We have not reached that point yet, but we will meet with our lawyer and decide if the family wants an autopsy or not,” he stated.

The Liberia National Police is yet to come up with its final report. 

However, Ricks’ lawyer, Cllr. Edwina Barchu, differed with the uncle not knowing about Ms. Jackson being the “legal guardian” of Angel.

“Records revealed to us that Madam Lisa Jackson was the guardian of the deceased Angel Nagbe. Jackson with the addresses as follows:

‘Lisa Jackson, Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County’ Secondary address: Milton Corner, Brewerville’

According to her, Ms. Jackson prepared palava sauce and fufu for Angel to eat, following which she braided her hair, and injected her before bringing her back to get on the school bus bound for her school campus in Virginia, outside Monrovia.

The Ricks Institute’s lawyer emphasized that Ms. Jackson, who is allegedly in police custody, is on file as the deceased legal guardian. 

Ms. Jackson can’t be reached right now as she and another person are reportedly in police custody as the investigation continues.