Liberia: Cyril Allen Hints Pres. Weah of How Taylor Was Deceived by His Security Guards Around Him


MONROVIA – Chief Cyril Allen of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) has told journalist that his former political leader Charles Taylor was misled by members of his security forces and individuals in his government to believe that Guinea and other countries neighboring Liberia were planningto rage war on Liberia.

The former Liberia President, Charles Taylor, is currently serving 50 years prison term in the UKafter being found guilty by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in neighboring Sierra Leone.

Chief Allen’s statement was in response to recent comment made by President George MannehWeah’s advisor on communications, Mr. Gabriel Nyenkan, where he described the NPP as an empty shell political institution that should be grateful to the Congress for Democratic Change of Pres. Weah that has renewed its political prominence.

According to Chief Allen, like Gabriel, there are people in governmental positions who have the tendencies of creating rift between leaders for their personal benefits.

“There is this tendency between securitiesagencies and individuals close to the presidency to always try to create rift between leaders. It is through these situations they benefit. I watched it happen to Samuel Doe. I watched it happen to my friend and brother Charles Taylor. There are always people who mislead their leaders.

“Taylor was being misled by security agencies, individuals that created war between Liberia and Guinea. They lied about him to Guinean President on how he wanted to extend his territory of Christianity and lied to him of Guinea wanting to extend their territory.”

He said, there is a tendency of people trying to scare national leaders for the purpose of extorting money in the name of preparing for crisis. 

Gabriel is a sycophant 

Chief Allen said Nyenkan’s criticism of the NPP is sycophantic and divisive that intends to birthmixed feedings among members of collaborating political parties making up the CDC.

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, theformer chairman of the NPP also accused Nyenkan of speaking to issues he has no knowledge about. He said Nyenkan is now benefitting from what he did not support.

Recently Mr. Nyekan described in a demeaningway the NPP as an “empty shell” political institution that should be grateful to the coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that has brought it back to political prominence. He made the comments making specific emphasis to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. 

“I don’t expect any contemporary politician in Liberia to refer to the broadest base political institution with the most structure party in the country as an empty frame. The NPP is grateful to the CDC as the CDC is also grateful to the NPPbecause we came with a well structured plan and experience.

“Some people sit and wait for people to win elections and then come and benefit those are the kind of statement that come from such individuals. NPP   has structures across the country, we own properties, and we brought to the table experience to the process. For any individual to come with division amongst the three parties is unfortunate. Most of the young people have the tendency of flip flopping on the political stage.”

Chief Cyril Allen who heads the ruling CDC governing council said, the NPP headed the crafting of the document that gave birth to the current ruling Coalition for Democratic change CDC. “We came to the table as a formidable force. We came with our standard bearer who had experience and as a party with political base.”

VP needs to manage her Ego 

Chief Allen, however, alluded to reports of a rift in the NPP but said those disagreements are constitutional and not personal. “Like any political institution we have our disagreement in the party but they are constitutional and not personal.

“About managing her ego, the VP has an ego that she needs mange in a way that not every cockroach that passes you want to grab it. Ourstandard bearer has experience in legislative politics, but may have some limitation in how the executive operates.

“She needs to manage her ego, there’s no need to panic. There are always individuals found of creating rift, they benefit in doing that they are sycophants,” he said.