Liberia: 4-Yr-Old Penis Chopped Off By ‘Quack’ Doctor During Circumcision


District #4, Grand Bassa — A four-year-old boy, Dehnyuwah Wheagon, is suffering from unprofessional circumcision which led to his penis being almost totally chopped off by a community “doctor” identified Solomon Goffa in District #4, Grand Bassa County.

Report by Elton W. Tiah, Contributor

According to reports, the penis of little Degyuwah Wheagon was allegedly cut off by the doctor when he carried out the circumcision.

Theophilus George, uncle of the child, told this newspaper that the incident occurred three weeks ago and that they didn’t notice it until they took the boy to the hospital.

“Solomon Goffa circumcised the boy three weeks ago; but the boy kept feeling pain and crying so we took him to the hospital for checkup because Solomon Goffa couldn’t be seen around.” 

He explained further that when the boy was rushed to the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan, doctors told them that Goffa wrongfully circumcised the boy by cutting off his penis.

“When the doctors at the Liberia Government Hospital informed us that our son’s penis was cut off, we complained Solomon Goffa to the police,” George added.

The child and his mother, Patience Wheagon are currently in Block B, New Buchanan Community, Grand Bassa County.

The Women and Children Protection Division of the Liberian National Police has arrested and sent to prison Solomon Goffa and another person who according to reports aided him in the process.

Both Solomon Goffa and his assistant are currently being jailed at the Liberian National Police headquarters in Buchanan as investigation continues.