Faith University College offers 3,000 Scholarships to Liberians


MONROVIA – The President of Faith University College, along the Roberts International Airport Highways has allotted several scholarships to deserving Liberian students, especially those who are financially challenged to get quality education as the economy becomes tense.

Rev. Tailey Garley, during the week provided over a million US dollars worth of scholarship to 3,000 Liberian students for the sole purpose of enhancing their dreams of earning degrees in their respective field of disciplines at Faith University College in Scheifflin Town, Margibi County.

 The Faith University College aims at becoming a world Class University that is Christ -cantered, student- cantered, purpose-driven, and committed to rising a new generation of leaders to reflect a distinctive worldview in all fields of human endeavours.

The university college has been licensed by the Liberian government through the Commission on Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.

According to the President, Rev. Tailey Garley, the scholarship program is restricted for students desiring of enrolling at Faith University College, and however noted that it would be extended to other institutions in the near future.

When quizzed about his motives or quest that moves him to have given the scholarships? Rev. Garley mentioned that it has been his dreams and desire to help more desiring Liberian students to obtain further education.

He intimated that for a country, which had suffered years of civil unrest, Ebola epidemic, COVID19 and countless Socio-Economic challenges, in order to make speedily recovery in the near future is first to develop the minds of young people through formal and technical education.

 He maintained that structure put in place for the young people will definitely empower them to become ambassadors for change which could buttress national government’s drives on education.  

“Our state-of-the- art institution, educates, trains, and equips Liberians for a life of purpose and service, grounded in our mission to raise a new generation of character-centered leaders” Rev GARLEY added.

 Faith University College offers specialized degree programs; while MKS Technical Institute serves students of Faith University College, who are pursuing vocational training and certification in several technical and Vocational courses.

The campus of Light Academy Model School is transformed daily from a grade school into a thriving institution of higher education, maximizing utilization of this state-of-the-art facility in Scheifflin Town along the Roberts International Highways.

Faith University College offers degrees in Nursing, Education (Primary and Secondary), and among others.

In 2013 God gave Rev. Tailey Garley and his wife Pastor Agnes Garley a vision. They left their positions of employment and stepped into a faith journey of challenge and celebrations to see this vision to reality. Much gratitude is extended to the volunteers and donors in Liberia and the United States, who shared their talents and generously contribute regularly.

“Today we celebrate Faith University College (and MKS Technical Institute) as a welcoming institution that fosters hope and is building the next generation of servant leaders. To God be the glory”.