Liberians React To President George Weah’s Inaugural Address


Monrovia – Liberians from all walks of life on Monday, January 22 trooped the 35,000-sitter Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium to form part of the inaugural ceremony of President George Manneh Weah and his Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.

The historic event marked Liberia’s first democratic transition in over seven decades and was also attended by several Presidents from across West Africa and leaders from other parts of the continent and across the world.

Following the colorful event, FrontPageAfrica asked cross section of people about their best part of the New President’s inaugural address.

Fahn D. Kamara

“I think the speech of the President of Liberia, Ambassador George Manneh Weah is in the rightful direction of the Liberian people; wherein there were so many cardinal points that he touched.

By saying that the Government of the Republic of Liberia does not belong to him and the pockets of officials, but the Liberians themselves; I think that is the reason we came here.

We came here en mass numbers to prove ourselves to him that we expect him to deliver. The Liberian people need him. And he is the son of the soil, the Rock of Gibraltar; we believe in his tenacity, we believe in what he can do.”

Alvin Massaquoi

“The part that really touched me is the part that the government is not for him, but the Liberian people. Saying that his government is the people’s government; that alone brought chill in my body. I think this is just what we have been wishing for for the past 12 years.

We have been in this struggle along with him. To see this day coming to pass makes me satisfied. His speech was well delivered. We all need to work along with him to make these dreams to come true.”

Clifford Natt

“The part that really got to me is where President Weah talked about the new dawn of Liberia. And when you observe today what is happening here, Liberia is taking different dimension because since I was born, I have never witnessed any ceremony like this before in Liberia. With this huge turnout, one can tell that Liberians are really willing to work with George Weah to move this country forward.”  

Oretha Yeay

“I know for sure that ‘Opong’ being President of Liberia will bring changes in our lives. I know things will be alright. I know no more corruption, no more bribing, no more giving tip to police officers, US rate will come down, no more exploiting poor people.

That’s why Liberians are all happy. Although I did not listen to all of the speech, but what I like is his call on all Liberians to join hands together and move the country forward. We should not leave him alone because he is the President. I love that part of his speech.”

Oretha Toe, Liberian Based in Australia

“I am from Australia. I came purposely from Australia for this inauguration. The inauguration was really good. I am impressed about that.

And what can we say? Even the baby in the mom’s stomach loves George Weah. We are happy, especially me who paid US$3,000 to come and watch the inauguration.

His speech was perfect; really, really sound and good. One of the things he said was power to the people.

And I believe when George Weah takes power to the people, he will do what he promised. I am one hundred percent confident that he will deliver. What I have problem with is the issue of corruption.

Effective today corruption should stop. That means we should follow system. In the Western World, people follow system. Liberia gets no system. We woke up as early as 4:00 Am this morning and we couldn’t go in peacefully.

After the security told us to form a queue, it was moving smoothly but, but people jumped in and began to fight. So, people don’t follow the system. They should learn to obey rules and order. We hope that George Weah will put things in place.”

Momo G. Dorleia

“What I like about the President speech is his promise to fight corruption. He pledged to make sure to end corruption and draw a thin line between the rich and the poor. He is going to make sure that all Liberians benefit through Agriculture and businesses and other basic services.

His promise that we will continue to enjoy the freedom of speech and political assembly. He reminded us that Liberia is for all of us. As we live in Liberia we should live peacefully”

Gertrude Wilson

“His speech was fine. I love the line that he stressed on bringing change that will transform the lives of ordinary Liberians. We have suffered for too long and its time for us to be free.”

Dewitt Von Ballmoos, National Social Security

“The President spoke on all the issues and the main thing is the message of unity and congrats to the old country. It is an excellent speech and today is a beautiful day.” 

Julia Berrian, Former Representative of District-10 Montserrado County

“He spoke on agricultural and the economy. And I can say it was a unique speech.”

Cllr. Beyan Howard, Lofa County District-5

“If speech was anything to go by, I think we are on good footing.”

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