Deceased Liberian Musician Quincy B Was Expecting A Child


Monrovia – Within weeks of expecting his unborn child, the passing of musical sensation Quincy B on Friday morning has left many mourning his demise.

Report by James-Emmanuel D. Cole, Jr – FPA Staff Writer

Since his tragic death on Friday morning, fans, well-wishers and sympathizers of Quincy B continue to mourn his death on social media with many expressing how he will be missed for his contribution to the Liberian music industry.

Among many who feeling the pains of Quincy B’s death is the mother of his unborn child, 20 year-old Agnes Kollie, who is currently nine months pregnant.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica, she said Quincy never told his parents that she was pregnant for him and she’s known to his family to be only a friend of the deceased.

“We were cool and everything was going fine. I never went to see his family as a girlfriend, but I met them once and they asked me, I told them that we were friends; and by that time I was not pregnant,” said Agnes.

According to her, Quincy was happy over the pregnancy and took her to his manager, Lewiz McCarthy, informing him about it.

“Quincy told me his father is not in a good health condition suffering from stroke… because he never wanted him to do something or feel bad, so he asked me to wait after I give birth, then we will carry the child to his parents.”

In her last month of pregnancy, she said they agreed to name the child Quincy Jr., if it’s a boy or Quindy if it’s a girl.

“It was hectic and hard to accept when I got the news. Nothing much to say, I’m just here in my little corner praying for safe delivery.”