Disenchanted Liberian Mourners Vow to Gang up Against Secret And Mysterious Killings in Liberia; Plan to Memorialize Citizens Who Deaths Are Unexplainable

Jethro Emmanuel Kolleh (In black suit) along with other mourners

MONROVIA — Scores of disenchanted Liberian mourners under the banner: Citizens United Against Secret Killings (CUASK), have vowed to memorialize and petition the Government of the United States of America (USA) and other foreign missions operating in Liberia to help end the growing wave of mysterious deaths and “secret killings” in the country.

The group observed that the growing wave of mysterious deaths and secret killings across Liberia are alarming, and as such, actions must be taken swiftly to address the situation.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia on Monday, April 5, the group’s head Jethro Emmanuel Kolleh, claimed that Liberians are currently living in fear as a result of the numerous unexplainable deaths across the nation.

“Bewildered as we are as society, we don’t understand where our country is heading in the last three years especially on the issue of SECRET KILLINGS! As we speak to you, we are all living in Thanatos! With the help of God Almighty, these young people standing here today have all unshackled from such an imposed fear”.

He recalled that in May 2019, two little boys (Elijah Polumah and one Thomas ) ages 11 and 9 years old respectively, were sent by their parents as breadwinners to sell fish and dough nuts in the Kingsville Community in rural Montserrado County, but sadly, their corpses were brought back to  their families with bodily parts extracted after they had gone missing for a week.

He added that with the “police’s lackadaisical approach in bringing the culprits to book”, citizens blocked the main highways to Kakata, Margibi County in demand for justice.

“During that sit in actions, the Liberian National Police shot with live bullets and killed Abraham Tumay (17) who was helping his mother roast corn a little distant from the protest ground. In like manner, Saah Saah and Momo Davies were fired in the legs that have made them crippled in their teen ages. They both live in pains and agony”.

Kolleh maintained that in October of 2020, the lifeless bodies of Mr. Albert Peters and Gifty Lama were also found on Broad Street-a sad story which the Government of Liberia attributed to poisoning from carbon monoxide.

“As though the unknown killers’ blacklist is not dusted yet, Mr. Emmanuel Nyenswa the late Internal Audit Agency’s Director, willing and literally felt from the banister of his house like a stranger in a dark. In the same period, George Fahnboto had a very tragic motor accident snatching away his own life as reported by the LNP. Death walked in the homes of these professional people and violently takes away their lives”.

He maintained that the CUASK also remain bothered by the bewildered action of citizens to sit supinely and watch workmates, friends, relatives and others died under mysterious circumstances.

He indicated that though workmates and other citizens in Liberia have staged numerous go-slow actions and protests in demand for the payment of their salary arrears, they have not muster the courage to take actions in demand of justice for some of their colleagues or family members who have been killed in cold-blood.

Kolleh added that the partial justice that has been served in these mysterious deaths and secret killings appear like a “double dose of fears that have been served to its victims”, making the once glorious land of liberty, Liberia, and its citizens to now be lingering in “fears, threats and pains”.

“Imagine three boys have gone to work and make ends’ meet and their whereabouts have not been known for the past four months. Yet, we all move around like nothing has happened. We all go to churches and mosque and forgetting HUMANITY OR LOVE that GOD himself emphasized on in those holy Books”.

“The terror by night has snared us into quietude! I can remember, there were times in Liberia when a neighbor’s chicken goes missing, it became a paramount concern to the community. But today, how many of us are concerned about those boys, their families and who next on the list?”

Kolleh emphasized that the deaths of Florence Massaquoi and an officer of the Executive Protection Service, Melvin Earley are also questionable.

“Don’t you know their families are still crying? What has happened to our society? Florence met her untimely demise but yet there is no investigation to tell us how she was killed, but we all have forgotten so quickly and not asking anymore. What did she do to have died dreadfully in such disgraceful and demeaning faction? Where are our women and children protection agencies? Where is gender ministry? Is it that Florence is not in your class”.

He noted that since the Executive Mansion promised to quickly come out with a report on the final investigation on the death of officer Earley, nothing has been heard up to present.

“Parading the social media today is the gruesome picture of a boy name Mordecai Nyemah from Maryland County. Imagine group of women standing up to say enough is enough. Even though their reaction is condemnable how do we put an end to this inhumane wickedness?”

Meanwhile, the Citizens United Against Secret Killings (CUASK) have promised to hold a “National Memorial Service” for all those who lost their lives under mysterious circumstances in the Liberian society.

Kolleh disclosed that with the alarming wave of mysterious deaths and the circumstances thereto; coupled with the flagrant investigative reports associated with, the memorial service will be held on April 21 at the identical spot were Albert Peters and Gifty Lama, were found dead in a vehicle on October 2, 2020.

He pointed out that said event will bring together well-known Liberian Clergymen, Imams, Civil Society and women organizations, members of the bereaved families, families of the three surreptitiously missing boys and other well-meaning Liberians.

“We are calling on you to stand by us as we all have a National Memorial Service for those who were killed mysteriously and petition our government and the United States Government to help us put an end to secret killings!  And also, we want to beseech you fellow Liberians to WEAR BLACK ANY KIND OF BLACK CLOTHES OR BAND as of today until the 21st of April 2021”.

“This would mean to us that you are in solidarity with the Missing Boys’ families and the families of those believed to have been killed under conspicuous circumstances! Remember, the unknown killer does not differentiate. We are calling on all of you; Pen-pen boys, keh-keh boys, Yana boys, market women, Muslim and Christian and all Liberians; going forward, Lets wear black and come out for the Memorial Service”.