Music Fans Hail Kzee For Game Change To Liberian Music Industry


Fans and music lovers in Liberia continue to express their love for Kolando Baby Zulu, better known as “KzeeBigname” for the level of transformation he has brought to the music industry.

The fans of Kzee said they will continue to give their moral and social support to Kzee for his style of singing and the difference he has brought to the industry through his Gbema music.

“We love his style, that his way back Gbama style he has used to change the musical game in Liberia, we want for Kzee to not give up as he is being rated as one of Liberia’s best musician who keep the torch burning even in foreign land,” Simpson David, a music lover and fan of Kzee noted.

Many Liberians have described Kzee as Liberia’s modern-day pioneer of Gbema music. “He should even be called a ‘Gbama king’ not only pioneer, this guy is great and is committed in what he does, his stage performance will even tell you how great and wonderful he is when it comes to the music game,” Yassah Freeman of Monrovia noted.

Kzee style of music has as well caught the attention of Disc Jokers (DJs) who normally promote Liberian music on the radio.

Gerald Thomas otherwise known as DJ Piako also described Kzee as one of Liberia’s best musician that has great future. “Good connection on stage between performers, Kzee stand out as an individual performer, great musicianship, he sings with confidence and vocally he has a really good tone for the Gbama, vocally he has a great tone and really good control on the high notes, a great overall performance,” DJ Piako noted.

KzeeBigname, who once lived in Ghana as a refugee struggled and produced album Kakaleka Babies, which became an immediate success across the country.

KzeeBigname is known for rapping and singing, over a new kind of Gbema beat. Gbema, which is the modern form of traditional Liberian incorporate lots of congos, bongos, kick drums, rhythm guitars and bass sounds to increase the tempo of the song. Kzee’s decision to continue with this style of music has crowned him the “Gbema King” in Liberia.

Though Kzee is not the first Liberian artist to become active in Gbema music, he is responsible for the re-emergence and popularization of the genre in Liberia’s post-war music history. He believes that it is important as an artist to stick to his roots.

Kzee told FrontPageAfrica via mobile phone from Australia that he (Kzee) wants to inspire artist that will come after him to appreciate Liberian Culture. “I believe that doing so, will show the rest of the world the uniqueness of our Liberian culture,”.

He is currently working on an album that has high anticipation. This album will consist of multiple international features from around the world, Kzee discloses. He is a strong advocate of women rights and has a record to inspire the women of Liberia.

Kzee, is a Liberian Gbema artiste currently residing in Australia, he is one of the artistes that led the way for others to follow the Gbema style of music. This brilliant artiste is a living legend in the game presently. His art has been highly recognized and his music was played on every event in the country. Kzee enforced the Gbema style of music till it was pleasing in the ears of Liberians.

The innovative artist is still fighting to make Liberian music get recognition after all his tireless efforts back in the days. Back then, he was a real show killer that music followers will proudly attest to. The Gba artiste was more focused on writing good songs that will live on. This dude is a musical zombie, Chris Wolo, a music promoter has said.

“Liberian will forever remember him even if he’s not around, he has contributed immensely to the music industry during his stay in Liberia, the competition in the music game was high, and it was quite difficult in getting the music to the public. Yet, he was still being heard because of how well he composed his songs.

Before becoming a popular musician, Kzee started singing in his church choir at the age of seven. After a while of learning the basis of music, he started writing his own songs at the age of fifteen. Wow, no wonder his songs are properly done. Kzee became a hit artiste because he discovered the talent in him at a very early age and took his time to get acquainthed to it. At age seventeen, he was part of a group that later diminished because of the death of his cousin. However, the diminishing of the group didn’t stop the Gbema artiste from doing his solo. He was hurt when he heard of his cousin’s death, but he believes that life has to go on. While focusing on his music career, he still took his school seriously till he graduated from the Seventh Day Adventist high school in Monrovia.