Liberia: To Avoid The Many Backlashes, Just Withdraw His Nomination, Mr. President


THE CONFIRMATION proceedings of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Chair-designate on Monday, March 30, reveals that Cllr. A. Ndubusi Nwabudike is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Liberia.

EVEN THOUGH Cllr. Nwabudike can’t be officially accused of doing anything dubious so far, but one can now clearly see, from what transpired on Monday that something is fundamentally wrong with the country’s systems.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT MR. Nwabudike as a person; it is about our spoiled system as a nation and people. And usually the rottenness starts from the head of all of our national fabrics.

FROM THAT FRIDAY, March 20, when President George Manneh Weah made the nomination of Nwabudike and others known, social media in Liberia went into frenzy. The President’s critics, including opposition politicians and others, have been calling on the President to rescind the nomination of his friend.

THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION (NEC) Chair-designate has mainly been singled out by the President’s critics and others against his nomination largely because of his nationality.

THE SENATE’S COMMITTEE on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions chaired by Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay, began its confirmation processes of the nominees by calling them in at a time to be questioned on what is each bringing to the post.

CLLR. NWABUDIKE’S confirmation hearing on Monday, was by far the most controversial. If confirmed, it is going to be his third senior governmental post in less than two years.

ONE OF THE CONTROVERSIAL things that have probably now stone-walled this nominee’s chances of being confirmed is his nationality. Even though he claims to be a naturalized Liberian, he has a Nigerian root, which his critics think should not allow him to head such a vital institution of the Liberian Government. These people think such a post should only be exclusively reserved for a born citizen and not a naturalized one.   

IT IS SAFE TO SAY the President’s aides and he himself didn’t do justice or treat himself fairly when it came to doing further background checks on his nominee despite him having served in two other important senior-level posts in the Liberian government.

ON DELICATE matter as such, which involves the lives and bread and butter issue of the people, you can’t just rely on what your immediate aides tell you about a nominee. If the nomination or appointment doesn’t have any ulterior motives, it is advisable to also have another group of vetting team, who will provide you probably a second opinion on backgrounds, including qualification and others.

BECAUSE ALL of this wasn’t done, the Monday confirmation hearing of the NEC Chair-designate further revealed anomalies that will seriously hamper the career of the nominee.

IF IT IS ESTABLISHED by the Senate that he is not who he claims to be, his career is going to be in serious jeopardy. His ego and personality among the group of people he presently hangs out with, will be deflated, too.

CLLR. NWABUDIKE might be a very good gentleman, who probably means well, but at the onset of the place where he supposed to be very truthful, fumbled and made grave errors before the people’s representatives. The public perceptions about him is unfavorable.

HE WAS NOMINATED to occupy the top position of one of the most important offices in the land. Such person can’t be someone who everyone or at least majority thinks was given such position for certain ulterior motive. Every pronouncement that will come from this person, once he or she is in that post as ‘Chair’, might preserve the peace or take the nation down to bloodbath. He/she needs to come clean.  

MR. PRESIDENT, the writings on the wall are very clear. We think Cllr. Nwabudike’s nomination was mistimed. It has received a lot of backlashes totally underserving.

JUST DO THE HONORABLE thing, Mr. President, by writing Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chea informing him and his colleagues that you have decided to withdraw Cllr. Nwabudike’s recommendation for the post.