Rep. Acarous Gray Iterates Liberia’s Strong Stance Against Coups In The Region 


Strabourg – Representative Acarous Moses Gray has reiterated Liberia’s strong stance against any form of unconstitutional change of power in Sub-saharan Africa. Speaking on April 1, 2022 at the 41st joint parliamentary meeting of the African Caribbean Pacific States and the European Union taking place in Strasbourg, France, the Liberian lawmaker called on the body to take an “uncompromising” position on the matter.

He is leading the country’s delegation at the seven-day assembly, which brings together European MPs and those from about 79 other ACP nations. The body is expected to discuss issues of international concern, including threats to stability, security and democracy in West Africa and the Sahel region, as well as the global impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We are very concerned about the situation in West Africa and other sub-Saharan countries”, Representative Gray told the audience, “because what affects our neighbors affects us directly”. He said the ACP-EU should also take a “definitive” position in speaking up against leaders who undemocratically extend their term in office.

The lawmaker reminded his colleagues about the numerous protocols and other agreements they have ratified that frowned on instability and coups, as he urged them to be “courageous” and not mince their words. He stressed that powerful nations, including those in the West, must be “clear and straight forward” in defending moral values. “There should be no Invincible hands in encouraging any form of instability or coup d’etat in Sub-saharan Africa”.

Meanwhile, Rep Gray has strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while calling on the Russian President Vladimir Putin to “withdraw his troops”. He hailed the bravery and courage of the Ukrainian people who he said continue to “withstand the test of time”.

Narrating Liberia’s own dreadful experience with war, Gray said it was traumatizing to see women and children fleeing in search of safety and bodies littering the streets. This is why, “we say no to war! Peace first and peace last”.