Liberia: Weah Rescues Challenged Theological Students in Gbarnga


MONROVIA – President George Manneh Weah has presented US$20,000 (to students of the United Methodist University School of Theological in Gbanga, Bong County.

The amount was presented by President Weah, through the Chief Of Protocol at the Executive Mansion, Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo, to 21 students who are currently residing at the theology compound, following a meeting early Sunday Morning, February 14.

The amount, according to Madam Bundoo, is intended to cover the total cost of two semesters for the students.

More to that, Amb. Bundoo also presented food stuff, to include rice and other items to the students.

“I know that what you are going through is a sacrifice and that you are doing this job for God. This is why God has his own way on intervening for you,” Madam Bundoo said.

“The President feels your plight and we are going to pay two semesters fees plus food right now, so that you can be able to feel free to continue your studies.”

Madam Bundoo however encouraged the students to continue studies and do the work of God.

She sees it important for the students to put God first in their theological endeavor, stating, “Everything has a time and season”

The students had complained of challenges faced in pursuing their total credits due to limited support by their sponsors. They told the Executive Mansion Chief of Protocol that their sponsors had informed them of the inability to pay for total 21 credits, instead they could only pay for at most 12 credits, while support to feeding was also cut down, as a result of effect of COVID-19 crisis. Jake S. Niala said most of the students are from different locations, schooling at the institution, and are jobless, thus making it difficult to address other needs.

 “Sometimes, we have to leave campus and go out and do contract in order to pay our fees, which makes our study challenging,” Niala lamented.

The United Methodist Theological Students further narrated, that they had on several occasions presented their plights to some authorities of Bong County, but to no avail. This is why they believed, it was prudent to plead with the Liberian leader to help pay their fees and help provide them with food and some school logistics.

Meanwhile, Madam Bondo appreciated the students for their studies and confidence in the Liberian leader to address their concerns. She said the president is a listening leader and that it was upon this backdrop, he had opted to pay the fees of the 21 students fees for two semesters and also provided food to sustain them.

The students in separate statements lauded President Weah for promptly responding to their aid, promising to utilize the opportunity wisely.