Liberia: Rep. Crayton O. Duncan Dedicates Self-Sponsored Projects in Sinoe County as Citizens Express Delight


Greenville, Sinoe County – The Representative of Electoral District #1 and Chairman of the Sinoe’s legislative Caucus, Hon. Crayton O. Duncan has commenced the dedication of 15 self-sponsored projects in Sinoe County ahead of the December 8, Middle Term and Representative by-elections.

On Sunday November 29, 2020, the Sinoe leader began his Self-Sponsored projects dedication in Togbaville, Sanquenne Statutory district with the turning over of 10 spacious rooms to the authority and people of Sanquenne to be used as the Gee-Troh Central High School.

As it can be recalled, Since the funding of the Sanquenne, Statutory District, the people of that region have been struggling for advance education after competing Junior High education because the only 6 rooms annex built by UNDP since 2007, has been incapacitated to contain Senior High Division. Some Parents fund it difficult to sponsored their Children in Greenville, Sinoe County and other parts of Liberia, while Others felt reluctant to see their Children completing secondary education because of the challenges they undergo away from home.

The people of Sanquenne, in Electoral District #3, could not stop appreciating Hon. Duncan for being a God sent redeemer to their age old problem. They gratified and bestowed incomparable honors on the Lawmaker of District #1 and Chairman of the Sinoe’s legislative Caucus for being Sinoe most patriotic and benevolent leader.

“Indeed, you are our redeemer, our liberator and our hero, we and generation after us will never forget the mark you have made in our lives. Seeing our Children no longer going Greenville to suffer by eating gari and bagging for food just to survive away from home, are things that keep pouring tears of joy from our eyes. Honorable, our Son and hero, we the mothers of this district have nothing to give you for this kind of great thing you have done, but have come with these white roosters. As this chicken is the first animal to notify us about break of day, so you shall be the first to speak the final in anything you do. We bless you and will always stand by you in all of your endeavors. The People unanimously asserted.

Clearing their town of cattles including, roosters and goats, the people presented gifts as signed of gratitude to the lawmaker for liberating them from education hardship.

Continuing the dedication, the lawmaker also moved to Jacksonville, Tarjuowon Statutory District, where the people were again beatified and expressed thankfulness to the lawmaker for turning over a spacious auditorium to be used as the town hall.

In Addition to setting smiles on the People faces, the lawmaker was heroinically received in Butaw Administrative District, where he dedicated an equip youth center and an attached four bed rooms guest house to his people. Butaw being his constituency, and the backbone behind his legislative ascendency, the people reaffirmed their supports to him. They extorted him for continuously making them proud by the uncountable prestigious developments he keeps doing in and around the district.

Climaxing the holiday celebration, the lawmaker was again celebrated and praised in Murrysville Township, where he dedicated another equip youth center with electronic devices for recreation and entertainment purposes.

Meanwhile, as the Sinoe Legislative Caucus Chair and Campaign Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Sinoe Chapter, dedicated a project, he presented Cllr. Augustine S. Chea, as the party’s candidate in the pending Senatorial elections. ” you see all the plenty good good things I am doing, your join me let us elect this man as Senator to help me. When he’s elected, Sinoe will be developed fast because when I am building school here, he will be building town hall in another area.” Hon. Duncan campaigned.

Throughout the dedication and Campaign, Hon. Duncan was accompanied by Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea who expressed happiness in Hon. Duncan and referred to the lawmaker as the rooster of Sinoe County.

The lawmaker will continue the dedication and campaign exercises today, Monday November, 30, in Greenville.