Liberia: Grand Kru Dist. 2 to Benefit from School, Road Projects


Monrovia – The office of Representative Fonati Koffa of District #2, Grand Kru County, has announced collaborations with Atlantics Resources, a local construction company, for the rehabilitation of a four-mile road and a public high school in leeward Grand Kru.

According to Mr. Hilary Koffa, Chief of Office Staff Rep. Koffa, the effort is to boost government’s promises to help address the plight of the “intrinsically poor population”, especially in the remote parts of the country.

“We all know Grand Kru County is among southeastern counties, which are victims of bad road during the Rainy Season. To tackle this, is to begin road rehabilitation at the beginning of the rain. Atlantic Resources-Liberia has agreed to team up with Grand Kru County District #2 Rep. Koffa to build schools and rehabilitate roads,” Hilary Koffa said.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica Monday, June 3, Rep. Koffa’s Chief of Staff, also told journalists that ARL will recondition the roads from Warkpo to Nyankupo town, which is approximately four-mile long.

“The nearly cutoff roads are hampering the free movement of goods and services, and most especially, the roads have caused and are causing the hike of prices of the fewer goods which sparingly enter the towns,” Hilary said.

“ARL has already moved caterpillars and other road repairing machines on site and waiting the necessary gallons of fuel to commence work in the soonest possible time.”

Rep. Koffa’s COS also told journalists that ARL has also promised to ably assist in the construction of the Taybu Public Elementary School by providing the needed bundles of zinc, loads of sand, and bags of cement, woods, and steel rods amongst others for the school project.

“Rep. Koffa will only be responsible for the workmanship, laborers and the lands,” Hilary noted.

Hilary further said that ARL will only clear (cut down the trees and do the landscaping) of the acres of lands for the construction of the Chengbetee Public School, while Rep. Koffa will 100% fund the construction of the school.

The constructions of the schools and reconditioning of the roads are part of a comprehensive string of diverse projects, totaling US$784,000, for which Rep. Koffa had raised from donors. After winning the election to represent the district in Legislature, the lawmaker came back to thank his and promised to go and lobby for more support to help them get some basic amenities, including a public high school.

Early this year, Rep. Cllr. Koffa, who is the House’s Chairman on Judiciary, stated that the projects will be executed through the Legislative Special Project (LSP), and his organization – “Anteenaha” and partnership or collaboration.

He disclosed that the projects will be completed by 2024. Other projects to be implemented include rehabilitation of other roads, construction of schools, youth centers, erection of hand pumps, latrines amongst others.