Liberia: Gbapolu County Craves Unity Amongst County Lawmakers


Monrovia – Abraham Kallon, a student activist from Gbarpolu County has attributed the lack of  development in the county to, “the disunity within the Gbarpolu legislative caucus.” According to him, the disunity has scrapped all developmental activities in the county.

He said he believes the rift amongst members of the caucus has also caused serious setbacks for the pending county sitting which could give citizens the opportunity to have an interaction with their lawmakers.

“The refusal for the caucus to unite for the common good of Gbarpolu County has caused us to miss out on many opportunities that we could utilize if unity was among them. Their disunity has also caused for the people of the county to not benefit a community college. Their disunity also caused the “kongba” citizen to not benefit from the construction of a road.

He warned that as the caucus struggles to unite, they are obliged to defend the gains of the democratic struggle and wants them to concentrate or focus on democratic tenets. “As the people of Gbarpolu say, when the economy is good the politic is good. When the economy is bad, the politic is bad.”

He also stated that elections are held to create the impression that there is democracy in which there is popular participation, but the caucus of Gbapolu is unaware that democracy is the fight for economic justice. “They are not aware that democracy is the fight for economic distributive justice.”

“For the caucus to not be united, it has caused sorrow for democracy in Gbarpolu. People in Gbarpolu are in tears. The people of Gbarpolu have been killed in the struggle for democracy but we will not mourn, we will mobilize to remove those corrupt leaders.

 “The people of Gbarpolu will defeat the bureaucratic state of the caucus. The caucus is not demanding democracy in Gbarpolu, they demand democracy and give Gbarpolu electoral democracy, that of course is a limited form of democracy which has unintended consequences for our struggle.

“For the caucus to not united, it has caused for poor health system, and bad connectivity of roads. The people of Gbarpolu County are disappointed in their caucus but we will not cry, we will struggle to remove many of them in 2023 through the ballot box. As “Cabral” said, tell no lies and claim no easy victory.”