In Sinoe County: Supt. Denies Link To Influencing Ruling Party Primaries But Chairman Stand By his Report


Monrovia – The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change primary chairperson in Sinoe County District No. 2 Mr. Otis Seton says he did not influence the result of the primaries contrary to claim that the process was not free and fair.

According to him they did enough publicity about the primary in the district and posted flyers in all Towns and Villages in the district just to ensure that people participate in the process yet only one person successfully abided by all of the guidelines.

Mr. Seton disclosed that Samson Wiah registered on September 27, 2020 and was given a receipt and other necessary documents from the committee,

He said on September 30,2020 at 11:59, the process was declared closed but unfortunately and allegedly the Superintendent he claimed send his friend name (Sakpah Dennis)and money to register to the Financial Man on the primary committee only identified as one Solo without  a Letter of intent when the process had ended in complete violation of the guidelines, he explained.

Mr. Seton pointed out that the Superintendent is allegedly using his influence to turn the entire process around as such the primary committee which he set up is now divided because he has some people on the committee that are siding with the Superintendent  while the others are with him, this is sad for the County, he noted.

Providing more information, primary Chairman Seton said while trying to compile their report to ensure it is sent to Superintendent Chea, the process was allegedly disrupted on the claimed orders of Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea. “I stand by my report that only candidate ( Samson Wiah) completed the entire registration process unlike others and has been declared  winner of the Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate in the upcoming bi election in district two Sinoe County”, Mr. Seton said.

Mr. Seton explained that he will not spoil his name for any reason. “As far as I know, only Samson Wiah met the requirement and he is now the CDC candidate for the upcoming bi election in Sinoe County- district two , anything to the contrary my hands are clean and I am not inside”, he maintained.

“The situation does not send a good sign about the ruling party to the public as such I am disappointed”, Seton stressed.

He says he wants national officials of the ruling CDC to intervene in the issue now before it gets out of hand.

When contacted via mobile Superintendent Chea denied the allegations levied against him.

He said he has no interest in the process and has never handpicked anyone as claimed by Mr. Seton.