ANC Calls For Emergency Fund For Flood Victims: Donates Relief Items

ANC Calls For Emergency Fund For Flood Victims in Margibi; Donates Several Relief Items To Victims

Margibi County – Affected by severe flood caused by torrential rains, victims in Marggibi County were the happiest people on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, when the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) of international acclaimed Business tycoon, Alexander Cummings, donated several assorted relief items.

The flood, according to Margibi County Representative, Ballah Zayzay has so far claimed one life. Items donated to the already impoverished residents include 150 bags of rice, several gallons of oil, market cube and clothing.

Affected areas visited, according to ANC National Chairman Lafayette Gould, include Dolo towns, Peter Town, Gbor Town, Armed Bush Curve and Foday Town. Despite the level of damage caused by the flood, the ANC stood the test of time to move in the affected areas to identify with the residents.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, as a flood surge passed down the nearby communities, a good number of partisans headed by its National Chairman distributed relief items to the vulnerable residents. He said it was their party way of meeting the needs of the people in such a difficult time.

Speaking during the donation, the party Chairman, Lafayette Gould emphasized the need for the establishment of an emergency fund for the victims. He said it is important for policy actors to set up emergency fund for disaster victims in the area and is urging the national government to provide critical assistance.

Mr. Gould said the ANC is prepared to join forces with the people of Margibi to ensure they are relocated to avoid continuous destruction of lives and properties.

“We’re asking the central government to help immediately to solve the crisis with tremendous funding since the ANC cannot do it alone. Moreover, we also urge all international aid organizations to coordinate with the government for help and rescue“, says Mr. Gould during the tour.

The worst-hit areas in Margibi include Dolo Town, Peter Town, Gbor Town and Foday Town, where a total of 150 villages have been submerged as a result of the flood.

The impoverished communities are home to nearly 50,000 people, including roughly 30,000 women and children.

Receiving the materials, the residents expressed thanks and appreciation to the ANC family for the donation, stressing that it was the first political institution to identify with them since the flood begun.

According to the cheery residents, the donated materials came at the time when they are experiencing difficulty in finding food to sustain their children. The affected residents called on National government to relocate them.

Heavy seasonal rains have drenched and flooded parts of Margibi since the end of June, causing the closure of roads and bridges, destroying farmland, and forcing schools, markets, businesses and community buildings to close. More rains and strong winds moved across the area on Saturday.